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Wall Street Memes’s $WSM Token Might Skyrocket In 2024 Following Surging Casino Growth And $100K Daily Buy Back Launch – Here’s Why

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Wall Street Memes
Wall Street Memes

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Wall Street Memes ($WSM) continues to cement its status as one of the biggest meme coins of 2023, as huge ecosystem growth fuelled by the success of the new crypto-based Wall Street Memes Casino leaves $WSM poised for a strong performance in 2024.

Indeed, Wall Street Memes has enjoyed substantial success this year after a gigantic $25 million presale saw $WSM pump 114% following its launch.

Leaping from strength to strength since the launch of Wall Street Memes Casino in October has driven significant interest from new investors, with the product being already amongst the fastest-growing crypto casinos.

In the first month of operations, Wall Street Memes Casino saw a whopping 18,100 players sign up, generating an impressive $1.5 million in gross gaming revenue across 5,000 high-octane games.

With more than 78,000 users on the site in November, it appears this is just the beginning as crypto gambling continues to grow ahead of the 2024 bull run.

And in the latest news, Wall Street Memes Casino has just announced a partnership deal with IFLTV – connecting $WSM with a dedicated new audience of boxing fans worldwide.

While details are currently sparse, this partnership is said to focus on special collaborations, giveaways, and exclusive bonuses alongside boosted odds for highly anticipated fights.

Wall Street Memes Casino’s Success Boosts $WSM Performance, Positioning It As A Potential ‘Blue Chip’ In Meme Coin Markets

In recent weeks, Wall Street Memes has continued to cement its status as one of the biggest meme coins of 2023, out-performing similar big launches such as HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu (BITCOIN) over the past month. 

(Wall Street Memes – Blue, HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu – Orange)

With strong price performance signaling Wall Street Memes’ emergence as a market favorite amongst 2023’s new tokens, eagle-eyed traders will have observed the increasingly close correlation between $WSM and Pepe coin ($PEPE) price action.

(Wall Street Memes – Blue, Pepecoin – Orange).

This suggests that Wall Street Memes could unlock blue-chip status. Due to its impressive ecosystem development and growth potential, it remains a significant player in the highly competitive meme coin vertical.

Looking closer at the $WSM price chart, Wall Street Memes is attempting to push up from a well-defended consolidation in the demand zone around $0.02.

Now above the 20DMA, $WSM’s technical structure is improving, and a neutral RSI reveals the significant upside potential available as $WSM aims for a local supply zone around $0.035.

This is backed up by further confirmation from the MACD indicator, which has flipped to a minor bullish divergence at 0.00069.

Enhanced Buyback Program By Wall Street Memes Development Team Strengthens $WSM Token

In another promising development for the Wall Street Memes ecosystem, the development team has committed to a minimum of 10% of Net Gaming Revenue towards the token buy-back program.

The $WSM buy-back program was launched in October and has already seen a huge 72M $WSM tokens bought back – worth around $1.7M at today’s token price.

To celebrate the first month’s success, the Wall Street Memes team has committed to an additional $100k a day over the next three days. 

The buybacks started at 3 PM and occur every hour at about $4k (1.84 ETH) per buyback.

These buy-back purchases can be tracked in a reward wallet established by the team.

While these tokens will not be burned at present, they will be redistributed as community rewards through airdrop campaigns, casino rewards, or adding to the $WSM staking pool.

Wall Street Memes Casino Growth Powered By Enticing Buy-Back And Affiliate Programs

But that’s not all. With the WSM Casino’s sign-up bonus still redeemable, new players continue to flock to the massive 200% sign-up bonus up to $25,000.

With the full integration of the platform’s native $WSM token, players making first-time $WSM deposits can still receive 200 free spins on the most popular slot game.

$WSM tokenomics, therefore, sit right at the very heart of the Casino, with a special tier established in the gamification platform offering double rewards for wagering with $WSM.

Yet, this forms just one part of Wall Street Meme’s Casino loyalty program, including an exciting affiliate program enabling anyone to secure a 40% slice of net gaming revenue generated by qualified traffic referred to WSM Casino.

All of these programs have fuelled the explosive growth of Wall Street Memes Casino to 18,100 players in its first month.

Plus, with rewards distributed to active casino players via several daily, weekly, and seasonal missions and campaigns, plans are already in the works to boost user retention.

Wall Street Memes’ 2024 Roadmap: What’s Next For WSM?

Heading into 2024, Wall Street Memes has many ambitious plans ahead, with analysts highlighting the long-time frame growth potential in the next bull run.

Most recently, Wall Street Memes launched the first bespoke exclusive game on the WSM Casino – Bull Run Smash.

This high-speed platform game has already seen a frenzied 36,000 gamers wager on their games.

But nothing has got the Wall Street Memes community more excited in the community Telegram and X (Twitter) than the upcoming launch of the WSM Web3 roadmap.

While specific details are yet to be released, it has been confirmed that the first thing to launch will be a new casino revenue dashboard – enabling holders to track the performance of the ecosystem’s product through transparent real-time data, including Net Gaming Revenue, buy-backs, and rewards.

Other rumored plans include launching an airdrop and leaderboards campaign, which will seek to revamp participation and engagement in community events on the casino platform.

The excitement around these expected developments has fuelled renewed interest in Wall Street Memes, with leading YouTube crypto analyst Jacob Crypto Bury releasing a bullish 2024 price prediction.

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