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Will Golteum (GLTM) Presale Enrich Investors Like (FET)? Here’s What’s Happening

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

golteum 1207ib
golteum 1207ib

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As the crypto market gains popularity and market cap continues to surge, investors are now hunting for the next big project to invest in.

Two tokens have recently caught savvy investors’ attention: Golteum (GLTM) and (FET).

While has already proven its worth in the market, there’s a new player that’s poised to uplift the crypto space – Golteum.

Golteum is not just a normal trading platform. It is a multi-asset Web3 trading platform set to disrupt the crypto market by tokenizing precious metals like Gold and Silver and integrating them with crypto assets.

This unique approach marks a pivotal shift in the crypto world as it is designed to offer more than just trading amid inflation that (FET) is simply unable to rival.

Although has made notable developments, its primary emphasis is on the fusion of blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI).

Conversely, Golteum presents a more comprehensive platform, delivering a broader spectrum of services and potential applications. (FET) Fails To Hold Investors’ Confidence; Golteum (GLTM) Presale Shines (FET) is an innovative project that brings together the worlds of artificial intelligence and blockchain.

It uses smart learning systems and a shared record-keeping technology to build a digital economy where independent digital helpers can work together, exchange information, and take care of complex jobs.

In March, secured a $40 million investment from market maker and investment firm DWF Labs, funds deployed for further project development.

Additionally, during the surge of interest in ChatGPT, cryptocurrency exchange Bitget contributed $10 million to


Yet, in recent times, the prominence of the FET token has been overshadowed as the presale of the GLTM token takes center stage.

But what sets Golteum apart from and other cryptocurrencies? The answer lies in its commitment to decentralization and robust offerings.

While focuses on automating digital economies, Golteum is creating a decentralized platform that promotes transparency, security, and efficiency.

This is a significant move forward from existing profit-minded precious metals platforms, which often lack the transparency and security that crypto investors demand.

Golteum (GLTM) Presale Keeps Booming

The crypto community is filled with excitement and bullish vibes as the GLTM token accelerates in its second presale, drawing significant interest and a surge of sign-ups.

The inaugural presale achieved significant milestones, with 32.5 million tokens claimed within just 48 hours.

Now, the eagerly awaited second presale is in full domination mode with a limited 55 million tokens, giving traders another shot at securing GLTM tokens at the appealing rate of just 0.012 USDC each.

If you’re not yet on board, you’re potentially missing a golden ticket to ride on an upward journey amid the crypto market downturn.

While the GLTM token price has seen a minor increase since the first round, getting involved in the presale at this stage could still be profitable before the price jumps in upcoming rounds.

Overlook this chance, and you might end up purchasing GLTM at a steeper price of $0.04 in the future.

In light of the current bearish market trends, Golteum also offers a 15% bonus to those who invest in this round.

The anticipated launch price is set at $0.083, indicating a potential increase of 690% (approximately 70x) from the present price.

With the platform’s solid roadmap and the token’s upward price trajectory, this tempting offer creates an opportunity that’s hard to ignore.

The Golteum presale is live, and traders are rallying in support, recognizing the vast potential that GLTM embodies.

This isn’t just a fundraising round for the project but a chance for early backers to secure the GLTM token at a bargain price, below its actual market value.

Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Add Golteum (GLTM) into your crypto investment strategy this year and potentially enjoy the benefits down the line.

Move swiftly before this promising prospect escapes your range.

golteum presale

Golteum’s Robust Offerings Gain Crypto Market’s Trust

Golteum’s state-of-the-art Defi trading platform smoothly merges the trading of precious metals and cryptocurrencies into a single, easy-to-use interface.

Golteum’s objective is to propel mainstream consumers’ broad acceptance of physical precious metals investments on the blockchain.

Prioritizing user experience, security, and transparency, Golteum’s Marketplace stands as the premier platform for digital asset trading and lending.

Golteum accomplishes its mission by transforming precious metals into fractional tokens using the ERC-1155 protocol.

This method broadens the platform’s scope, making this asset category more attainable to a diverse group of investors and revealing fresh investment prospects.

In addition, Golteum plans to provide attractive loan-to-value (LTV) ratios via its associated financial institutions.

This arrangement allows loan recipients to capitalize on their asset-backed tokens, empowering them to maximize their investment capabilities.

By leveraging the capabilities of Google Cloud, Polygon, Fireblocks, and Chainlink, Golteum provides a trading experience that’s second to none.

Its Smart Contract has received a seal of approval from Certik, underscoring Golteum’s dedication to robust security.

To enhance trust, Golteum has revealed the identities of six team members, a practice known as “doxing.”

This commitment to openness has resulted in the GLTM team members being awarded the esteemed Silver badge from Certik, further pushing Golteum’s dominance with reliability and solid security.

As Golteum readies itself for three more rounds of GLTM presale, followed by a swift listing on Uniswap and CEXes post-presale, the future of the GLTM token is looking bright.

The Boston Consulting Group predicts that the tokenized assets market will surge to a staggering milestone of $16 trillion by the end of 2030.

Amidst this thriving market, GLTM is geared to achieve a high price of $5 on leading exchanges, making it a perfect choice for investors.

Take part in the Golteum presale now for $0.012 and claim a 15% bonus on your purchase.

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