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Why IMPTs SaaS For Retailers Enhances Loyalty from Eco-Conscious Shoppers

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IMPT recently unveiled its groundbreaking Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model that helps local retailers sign up for its Planet’s Loyalty Program to help cultivate an eco-conscious loyal customer base.

The SaaS is part of its strategy to expand its Global Partnership Network to help increase the onboarding of local retailers to Planet’s Loyalty Program across all four corners of the globe.

The software provides local retailers with everything they need to start their loyalty programs, allowing them to increase their reach and promote environmental responsibility.

IMPT Begins Ecosystem Expansion Following Successful Presale

Following its exceptionally successful presale, which raised over $16 million, IMPT is beginning its ecosystem expansion through a Global Rollout Strategy to extend its reach in new territories.

IMPT is an ecosystem that connects socially responsible brands with businesses and individuals who are eco-minded and want to reduce their carbon footprint actively.

The platform provides methods for individuals to easily purchase carbon offsets or earn them without changing their daily habits through its groundbreaking shopping platform.

The shopping platform is already live, allowing users to sign up and browse products from over 10,000 of the world’s biggest brands, including Nike, Amazon, Alibaba, Under Armour, Samsung, and River Island.

These brands have environmental goals, setting aside a margin of every sale to environmental projects like IMPT.

When a user shops on the IMPT shopping platform, that sales margin is held in the user’s account in IMPT tokens until they have enough to swap them for a carbon credit.

Once acquired, shoppers can either retire this carbon credit to reduce their carbon footprint or use it to finance sustainability projects.

Although the shopping platform is revolutionary in the Web3 space, IMPT wants to ensure it allows customers to earn carbon credits for offline purchases, which is where the groundbreaking SaaS comes into play.

IMPT Launches Retail Partnership Network SaaS

IMPT recently unveiled its Retail Partnership Network, which allows brands to quickly sign up for the Planet’s Loyalty Program, allowing their customers to earn carbon credits as they shop in-store.

The Retail Partnership Network allows retailers to use the SaaS product to receive a ready-made customer loyalty program. As a result, retailers won’t have to dig into their profits to develop their own loyalty systems.

When retailers sign up for the Retail Partnership Network, they can gain exposure to thousands of environmentally-conscious shoppers who are always searching for stores that are doing their part to help the environment to spend their money.

Denis Creighton, CEO of IMPT, had the following to say about the Retail Partnership Network;

“With IMPT, retailers can quickly and easily join a global network of brands and gain exposure to environmentally-conscious shoppers who are committed to shopping with businesses that share their ethos. Together, we can all contribute to combating climate change and make a positive impact on the planet.”

Global Rollout Strategy Set to Create Exponential Expansion

In addition to the SaaS, IMPT is releasing an entire Global Rollout Strategy to expand into new territories across the globe.

The Global Rollout Strategy is a revolutionary partnership program that allows entrepreneurs to partner up and expand the Planet’s Loyalty Program by connecting directly with retailers in local territories.

The strategy involves Country, Leadership, and Area partners, who all work together to expand the Planet’s Loyalty Program in their respective territories.

For example, Country Partners are tasked with building the loyalty program in a specific country and have teams operating underneath them.

They’re financially incentivized to participate, receiving 5% of all leadership agreements, 2% of all shopping margins in the country, and 5% of all IMPT merchandise sales in the area.

Country Partners must be leadership and management experts with skills and marketing and negotiation. They will have to add businesses and enterprises from different sectors to the IMPT network and introduce them to the program.

They receive full end-to-end training from IMPT and a wealth of marketing material and knowledge to help expand the network.

Similarly, Area Partners are tasked with expanding the loyalty program in local areas.

Area Partners will build relationships with retailers in a specific area and help them sign up for the app-based system.

This type of loyalty program allows entrepreneurial experts in local territories to expand the Planet’s Loyalty Program and let shoppers across the globe start earning carbon credits.

IMPT: Just the Beginning

This is just the beginning for IMPT as it seeks to unveil an entirely environmentally focused platform to help the world become more sustainable.

Alongside the Shopping Platform, IMPT has also released the marketplace to allow people to directly purchase carbon credits without navigating the convoluted carbon credit market.

They have also released their IMPT platform application on both Google and Apple stores, allowing users to seamlessly buy products and earn carbon credits.

In addition, they will launch a social platform down the line that will incentivize individuals and organizations to be more environmentally friendly through the first global score to show everyone how impactful they are in terms of their own carbon footprint.

Overall, IMPT is set to become the ESG giant in Web3 and will attract a wave of investment once the Planet’s Loyalty Program starts to hit high streets and shopping centers across the globe.

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