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When Listed This Meme Coin P2E Game May See Exponential Growth

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Buy Tamadoge

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Tamadoge, a promising new play-to-earn (P2E) cryptocurrency, is attracting attention from investors in 2022 as a way to hedge against the downturn markets afflicting other cryptocurrencies (TAMA). If the price went up by three times during the presale, is it possible that it will go up by ten times when the tokens are listed?

What Should You Know About Tamadoge?

The Tamaverse is a digital ecosystem that provides virtual incentives to its users through the GameFi platform, and its native cryptocurrency is known as Tamadoge (TAMA). Tama may be used by gamers on the Tamaverse to acquire Tamadoge pets, which playable non-fictional characters are known as avatars.

Buy Tamadoge

The Tamadoge dogs, which were created via the use of ERC 721 smart contracts and symbolize a variety of distinct qualities, may be purchased through the Tama shop.

Players have the option to acquire a variety of different virtual objects, each of which will assist them in developing and breeding their own unique NFT pets. In the end, the NFTs will be used to participate in events that are open to the whole community, and the victors of these competitions will be awarded with TAMA.

More on Tamadoge Presale and Tokenomics

The “whitepaper” for the cryptocurrency Tamadoge states that there will be a total quantity of 2 billion tokens in circulation. In addition, 5% of all TAMA that is spent on the ecosystem will be destroyed in order to increase the value of the token over the long run. Due to this, investing in Tamadoge is a better financial move than investing in Dogecoin, which has a total token supply of 132 billion tokens.

Tamadoge ecosystem

In addition, the tokenomics of Tamadoge have said that thirty percent of the tokens that are used will be utilized for marketing reasons, while sixty-five percent of the tokens that are spent would be awarded as prizes to P2E prize pools.

In September 2022, Tamadoge successfully completed one of the most successful crypto presales by raising $19 million in just eight weeks. In the beginning, TAMA only planned to raise $10 million through its presale. However, as a consequence of the successful beta presale of the token, which raised $2 million in just ten days, the goal amount was boosted to $19 million.

During the presale, participants may purchase up to 50% of the total number of TAMA tokens, however 20% of the total number of tokens has been set aside as a reserve for future centralized and decentralized exchanges (CEXs). In 2022, for instance, renowned cryptocurrency platforms such as LBank and Uniswap will be among those to list the token on their respective platforms.

Is Tamadoge Really Going To Skyrocket by Tenfold?

The initial price of TAMA was $0.01; however it jumped to $0.03 during the presale, which is a threefold increase from the debut price. The launch’s success may be ascribed to a number of different aspects, including the deflationary tokenomics and the token use cases.

On the other hand, Tamadoge has also developed long-term roadmap plans in order to assist in the expansion of its P2E ecosystem. In the fourth quarter of 2023, as indicated by the plan for the project, the platform is scheduled to introduce an augmented reality (AR) Tamadoge app.

In addition to that, the platform is now working on an arcade-style pay-to-win game that will include real-world Tamadoge prizes as incentives.

Tamadoge is anticipated to create important relationships with other Metaverse projects in 2023, and it will also attempt to grow its token listings on other CEXs during this time period. As a result, Tamadoge has the potential to become one of the most exciting cryptocurrency projects to follow over the long run.

TAMA would require a market valuation of $190 million in order to rise by 10 times more than it has now. Because of this, the price of the cryptocurrency might potentially reach $3. Dogecoin now trades at $0.06 and has a total market capitalization of over $8 billion. Notably, Tamadoge has more use cases than Dogecoin does, which makes it possible that its price will climb by a factor of ten.

Recent tweets from the official Tamadoge account on Twitter have hinted that the cryptocurrency will soon be listed on a well-known cryptocurrency exchange. These listings come after previous announcements that the token will be listed on LBank and Uniswap. The 23rd of September 2022 is when it is anticipated that further information will be released. If there is news of another listing, Tamadoge may quickly become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies to trade.

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