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What is Kitty Solana Coin and why it is going up – KITTY coin prediction

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

What is Kitty Solana Coin
What is Kitty Solana Coin

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Meme coins have always been in talks because of their homage to memes, any funny image circulating over the web, or anything going viral on the internet. However, most of these coins are also infamous for their lack of utility or functionalities.

Some of the meme coins like Shiba Inu are experiencing a recent uptick in price. And, as meme coins are trying to make a comeback, it’s a great opportunity for newcomer meme coins like P2E Tamadoge to show their potential and rise in the industry.

What is Kitty Solana Coin?

After a long market downturn held for several months now, the meme coins are getting back on track and maybe imminent to shine.

Kitty Coin Solana is endeavoring to walk in the footsteps of the leading meme coins that are on a surge. However, it’s having a hard time following the same.

Kitty Coin Solana touts itself as the first original KITTY meme token built on the Solana network. Their developers’ team has developed a decentralized exchange KITTY DEX and a market watcher KITTYWATCH.

Now they are making a foray into building an NFT collection, a marketplace for NFTs, a staking DApp called KITTY web staking, and a KITTY swap.

It provides faster and cheaper transactions to its users as it is built on the Solana network. Moreover, this coin aims to host giveaways, conduct social media events, and provide airdrops to its users to keep them engaged and build a strong community.

Tamadoge as a better alternative

Meme coins that are more than just a cute or fancy name are often not seen in the crypto industry. Most are just replica of another or doesn’t provide any utility that stands them out.

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Tamadoge, a play-to-earn platform with better utility, is in its presale that has Tamadoge pets or the Tamaverse at its core. These pets are minted NFTs that act as real-life entity and gradually grow to become an adult with distinctive qualities and some weaknesses too.

Users earn rewards by looking after their pets and can also purchase food, toys, and even the newest Tamadoge pets from Tamadoge Store. Once the Tamadoge pet has evolved into an adult, its user can start battling with other players to win battles and other rewards.

Tamadoge is KYC’d and its smart contract is also audited

Tamadoge is already making headlines with its utility, the P2E Tamadoge pets with the battling functionality, and its metaverse and Tamadoge Store.

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While all this appears to be too good for this platform, its team has also ensured that its smart contract is fully audited by Solid Proof, leaving no room for any mishaps. Moreover, the team is also verified by Coinsniper which eliminates the possibility of rug-pulling and demonstrates that the project is safe.

Tamadoge targets regular users and not just the ones acquainted with the crypto DApps with its NFT technology. It may come as a game changer in the industry with its utility and other functionalities, that other meme coin lacks.

TAMA is a deflationary cryptocurrency and hence, it burns a small number of its tokens (5%) from every transaction. This ensures the supply of the coin will reduce over time and its value may rise depending on the coin’s demand.

KITTY users can look over Tamadoge for a better risk-reward ratio

Tamadoge is in its presale now and already showing a higher risk-reward ratio than any other meme coin. Hence, it would make sense for a KITTY user to consider checking out Tamadoge and maybe grab it at a relatively discounted price in its presale.

One of the main reasons that Tamadoge may experience a price appreciation is that it is in its early stage and once the coin gets listed over a few crypto exchanges, it is likely to shoot up, considering the hype it is already creating.

Tamadoge’s presale is running and has already raised more than $8 million. Out of 2 billion, 50% of total TAMA tokens, i.e., 1 billion are up for its presale. Hence, early-bird investors might not want to miss this chance to grab a TAMA token at a fairly good deal.

Kitty Coin Solana Price Prediction

The Kitty Coin Solana was at its all-time high price in February at $0.0024 but is currently going down the hill as shown in the graph below.

Kitty Coin Solana Price Prediction

Since February, this meme coin has failed to see any significant upswings in its price, besides sticking down to its open price which was $0.00043.

TAMA token price 1 USDT = 44.44 TAMA but the price may likely soar soon

There are 79 million TAMA tokens left where 1 USDT = 44.44 TAMA. However, the price may rise to 1 USDT = 40.00 TAMA. So, it’s the best time for buyers to make a purchase at its current price.

For buying Tamadoge, users need to connect their crypto wallets (Tamadoge recommends Trust Wallet) and can choose between USDT, ETH, and fiat options. Once the presale will end, users will be able to claim their purchased tokens from thier claim page.

Tamadoge’s listing on LBank has also been confirmed which will likely come out as a greater advantage for this coin. TAMA will also get listed on the decentralized exchange, Uniswap, once it gets listed over LBank.

All these listings for this coin may come out to be advantageous in the future.

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