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What is GamStop in the UK?

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While Europe’s betting industry is on the rise, cases of gambling addiction in the continent are also going up. The Gambling Commission has reported that 53% of people aged over 16 in the region dabbled in gambling last year. Among them, 430 thousand were considered addicted to gambling, and over 1.85 million individuals were at risk of addiction.

However, those who use online gambling platforms know how addictive gambling is. They do not mind turning on self-exclusion and taking a break from gambling.

Therefore, GamStop has emerged as one of the leading platforms with self-exclusion facilities in the UK.

What is GamStop?

GamStop is a free online service that lets players take control of their gambling habits. Once a user is registered on this platform, they are not allowed to play on any online casino in the UK.

The platform allows users to enforce the exclusion for six months, 1 year, or five years. However, once the exclusion period ends, GamStop does not immediately return control to the user. Unregistering is a lengthy process, which can be considered both a good and a bad thing.

It is good for punters who are very addicted since they will be discouraged from gambling. However, many players only suffer from mild addiction and only opt to use GamStop for a short time. For them, having a long and drawn-out de-registration process is not a good thing.

What are the Perks of GamStop?

There is a section of people who often find themselves going to online casinos reflexively. These individuals are often addicted. For them, GamStop is a good application. Here are the benefits of this free online service:

It is a Free Online Service

Gambling is problematic already, especially on people’s finances. Therefore, it does not make sense for a self-exclusion platform to have any fees. With GamStop, players get access to a free online service.

Customizable Terms 

GamStop offers customizable terms of self-exclusion. Players can decide for how long they want to be excluded from gambling sites. Those who are very addicted and need a long time off from gambling can opt for a 5-year plan. Players who find themselves mildly addicted can choose to activate GamStop for six months.


GamStop features TalkBanStop, which is a partnership between GamCare, GamBan, and GAMSTOP. These give users access to free tools to deal with their gambling addiction.

What are the Cons of GamStop?

While GamStop offers a free facility, it has some limitations that one must consider before signing up.

Unsubscribing is Not Easy 

Players get many terms and conditions when they subscribe to GamStop. One of them is choosing between exclusionary periods of six months to five years. Once a player chooses an option, GamStop halts their gaming access.

Suppose a person lost a lot of money and opted to sign up on GamStop out of frustration. That individual can’t unregister himself easily. They have to go through a long unsubscribing process, which involves answering a lot of questions and going through multiple hoops.

Alternatively, players can look into non-GamStop casinos to play at instead.

Only Limited to UK Casino Sites

GamStop is only available for gambling sites active in the UK. Users can still interact with gambling platforms that are not in the UK.

Conclusion – Is GamStop Worth It?

For those looking to curb their gambling addiction, GamStop is totally worth it. Its strictness can deter any player from interacting with any gambling site in the UK.

However, it can be considered too strict for many. Gambling is still a pastime. Responsible Gambling practices still exist, which players can choose instead.

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