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What does the new Wonderpals NFT have in store?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Wonderpals NFT
Wonderpals NFT

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The all-new Wonderpals NFT

WonderPals are a delightful collection of 10,000 NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain. Comprising of over 200 qualities of a different rarity across many categories, there are some unique 1/1s strewn in the entire collection. You are also able to mint something as per the trait of your favorite project.

WonderPals wishes to create a thriving community and facility innovation and creativity in their NFTs. They wish to make fun art a part of their community and hope to bring greater joy by bringing people of the world closer.

WonderPals was in development when speculation around it gained momentum and it finally released its NFT collection on 26 February 2022. The entire collection is tagged as wholesome, with 10,000 cotton candy-colored characters. These are characters with simple and clear lines, including bright and happy faces. The entire NFT collection is attractive and has been welcomed with a lot of enthusiasm by NFT fans. The mint price is set at 0.08 ETH.

WonderPals has collaborated with CoolmanUniverse and this has resulted in lovely drops of sunlight with added features for their carriers. The mission of WonderPals is to spread and share joy and goodwill across the year. The team hopes that people find the collection worthy enough to buy some.

What is Wondermap?

It is basically the aim to continue making fun art including various interesting strategies to enhance and expand the WonderPals community. It is also the roadmap to work and improve the WonderPals brand. The platform seeks to launch an online gift shop that includes a variety of similar merchandise along with collectibles. These collectibles would include clothes, stickers, plushies, and much more.

They also wish to collaborate with many initiatives and outstanding artists globally to add the aspect of inclusivity and innovation to the futureCollabs Collection. There are many exciting plans to add to the existence and aesthetics of WonderPals and the related merchandise.

If you are an NFT enthusiast and are looking for avenues to be a part of a goodwill project, then this seems to be in sync with your thought process. Visit the official website and explore their NFT collection. It is going to be a wonderful experience being a part of the WonderPals universe.

Buy WonderPals NFTs with these simple steps-

  1. Create your account with top wallets like Coinbase or Metamask. You must install the extension on your web browser.
  2. Add the required Ethereum amount in your wallet if you do not have it already. Your account must have the needed funds to carry out the transaction successfully including the gas fees.
  3. You will be able to see a connect button at the top of the page during a mint day. Simple use that button to connect it to the wallet that you will be using.
  4. Upon clicking the mint button, you will require to sign for your transaction. The transactions that will include petrol prices will have a charge accordingly.
  5. The WonderPals NFTs that you buy will be on display automatically in your wallet after you complete your buy. It will also be visible on Opensea.

Who’s creating WonderPals NFT?

Mina: Mina is the founder and designer of WonderPals. Mina has been a freelance artist and has worked in the tech industry as a product designer for over a decade. The designer’s specialization includes working with illustrations & visual languages to ensure delightful user experiences.

Sho: Head of Community, Project Manager

Bueno: Development team behind Robotos

The team wishes to express positivity via the collection of NFTs that they have introduced to users. They believe in strengthening the community and hope to bring a lot of joy to people who associate with the community.

As a new introduction to the NFT space, WonderPals seems to be driven by an exciting and unique concept. It includes variety in terms of designs and will add a new dimension to the entire NFT world. The founder, Mina also sees this as an effort to boost the confidence and enhance the encouragement of female artists in the NFT community.

Should You Buy WonderPals?

WonderPals definitely seems to be an attractive and new NFT initiative. The collection is simply diverse, creative, innovative, and it goes beyond the usual expectations of digital collectibles. It also swiftly connects the concept of the NFT world and the real world. You must include NFTs in your investment portfolio and it is a good collection to start with.

NFTs in Your Portfolio

Although NFTs are still new inclusions to the art world, they have gained momentum in no time. Millions of buyers are now interested to purchase NFTs and to include these in their asset portfolio.

The concept of non-fungible tokens, which seemed worthless to many people some time ago seems to be the perfect opportunity for investment now. These are one-of-a-kind digital collectibles that you can buy, sell, and trade- all on the blockchain. Digital arts, interesting character representations, photographs, videos, memorabilia- NFTs can hold literally anything. They could also be used to gain access/ membership to events, upcoming drops, websites, products, etc.

Start your journey with the top online NFT marketplaces that are offering the latest NFT collections. These marketplaces facilitate safe transactions as they fall under the purview of various regulations. Always follow the official websites and social media handles of platforms that are releasing NFTs. Do not give into scams and be very careful of promising advertisements that lure customers into buying these NFTs at cheaper prices.

Follow the NEWS and consider the opinions of experts seriously before you buy an NFT. After all, it should make a worthy part of your investment portfolio and should not risk your investment capital in any way. You will surely enjoy being a part of the vibrant NFT community that has members from all over the world. And who knows how much an NFT that you hold today will soar in value in the future.

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