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Vitalik Buterin’s Ethereum Wallet Moves Almost $4 Million To Exchanges: What’s Going On?

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Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s wallet has moved $3.94million Ether to various exchanges this month.

In its most recent transaction, the wallet was used to send 400 ETH (approximately $600,000 at current rates) to Coinbase, raising questions as to whether he is selling.

Over the last 10 days, Buterin’s wallet has transferred 2,421 ETH to several cryptocurrency exchanges, as shown by Spot On Chain reports. The streak began when the wallet transferred 321ETH to Kraken between September 15 and September 19.

At the same time, Buterin also reportedly sent 1,700 ETH to Bitstamp over several transactions up until September 20. A day earlier, the wallet was also noted to have sent 500 ETH to Paxos.

Data from Spot On Chain also showed that before all these transactions, the wallet had received 2,000 ETH, worth $4.9 million, from another wallet that is more well-known to be linked to Vitalik. Spot On Chain dubs that the “better-known address.”

In addition to the increased activity over the last 10 days, Buterin’s address has been busy over the previous month, too, with a number of large transactions. About a month ago, the “Vitalik.eth” address made a significant transfer of 600 ETH to Coinbase.

The wallet also made other notable transactions during that time, such as sending 3,000 ETH, valued at about $4.95 million, to an address on another chain called “Vb 2.”

This wallet also transferred $3.12 million worth of ETH to another exchange and sold 500 MKR for 350 ETH. With millions of dollars in ETH involved, the wallet activity spans several cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bitstamp, Kraken, and Coinbase.

The sequence of transactions and transfers has attracted a lot of speculation from the crypto community on why such large sums are being moved. Some have said that he is selling while others believe he’s “giving himself four more years of runway. bullish.”


Buterin’s Vision for Cryptocurrency

His most recent transfer follows an interview with CNBC where Buterin said that he believes that the greatest use cases of cryptocurrency lie in emerging economies rather than in developed countries.

“The stuff that we often find a bit basic and boring is exactly the stuff that brings lots of value to them right now, like making payments work, and savings,” he said, speaking of the potential uses of crypto in lower-income countries.

Buterin said that cryptocurrency aids in supplying developing countries with crucial financial services they currently lack, including as cross-border payments, savings possibilities, and entry to the global market.

The co-founder of Ethereum also noted that when visiting areas like Argentina he noticed more adoption and more excitement about cryptocurrencies, as opposed to tech-savvy cities like San Francisco.

Overall, Buterin said he is still committed to making Ethereum more useful for common users through advancements like scalability, and he wants the network to advance from its current experimentation stage into one defined by usable applications.

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