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Upland, Linden Lab Partner to Offer New Payment Solutions

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Upland, the self-described “blockchain-based metaverse that sits on top of the real world,” will be integrating with Tilia Pay, a “virtual economies payment tool from Linden Lab,” according to a press release from both groups.

“Tilia Pay will enable Upland players to sell virtual properties, based on real-world addresses and represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs), for US dollars. This makes Upland the first blockchain game to allow players to extract the monetary value of virtual goods back into real money in the real world,” the release notes.

The platform will be the first-ever third-party and blockchain partnership that ensures Upland can register itself in the United States.

Upland describes itself as “the first-of-its-kind, next-gen blockchain metaverse mapped to the real world that merges social interactions and gaming with monetization opportunities. To date, Upland players were able to transact via the in-game cryptocurrency UPX. Now with the introduction of Tilia Pay players can start earning real money by flipping properties and in the future by selling all sorts of NFTs via operating their own virtual businesses (e.g. art galleries, nurseries, car dealerships, etc.) in Upland.”

Speaking on the matter is Ebbe Altberg, the CEO of Linden Lab, who said:

“Although we created Tilia Pay for Second Life, its success highlights a world of opportunity for our payments system across virtual economies. Since we first announced this partnership, we have been excited to work with Upland, a leading blockchain game, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with virtual worlds. We’re looking forward to more success and growth stories from the Upland community.”

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