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Unbelievable Lottery Jackpot Won in Oregon: Player Wins $1.33 billion

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Oregon, United States – in an astonishing turn of events, an Oregonian’s life was transformed overnight with a record-breaking $1.33 billion Powerball jackpot win, the largest ever in Oregon’s history. This eye-watering sum not only set records within the state but also positioned itself as the fourth-largest in Powerball’s history. The excitement began to build months ago, following the last jackpot win at the beginning of the year. As the prize money escalated to an estimated $1.23 billion, lottery enthusiasts eagerly watched the pot grow, culminating in the monumental win on Saturday, April 6, 2024.

The anticipation for the Powerball jackpot was palpable, with the prize swelling from its initial estimate to a jaw-dropping $1.33 billion by the time of the draw. The winning ticket was purchased in Portland, marking a historic moment as the city celebrated issuing the ticket that cracked the fourth-largest jackpot in the Powerball saga.

Oregon’s previous record for a lottery win was shattered by this event. The state’s largest Powerball prize before this was $340 million in 2005, and the most recent Powerball win from Oregon was in 2018, where a Salem man bagged $150.4 million. Comparatively, the latest jackpot dwarfs these figures, highlighting the extraordinary nature of this win.

The significance of this win extends beyond Oregon, as it ranks as the eighth-largest lottery prize in the United States across all jackpot games. This victory comes after a Powerball jackpot was last claimed on New Year’s Day in Michigan, where a lucky winner walked away with $842.4 million.

In response to this momentous occasion, Mike Wells, the director of the Oregon Lottery, extended his heartfelt congratulations to the winner, emphasizing the unparalleled nature of this win in the state’s history. He highlighted the broader impact of lottery participation, which supports various programs and services across Oregon. Wells’ message underscored the communal and transformative power of the lottery, celebrating not just the individual win but its contribution to the state as a whole.

I want to congratulate the winner on this life changing moment. No one in Oregon has ever won a prize on this scale, and it’s very exciting for our staff and players.

To claim the Powerball’s grand prize, the winner had to correctly predict all the white balls – 22, 27, 44, 52, and 69 – and the red Powerball, number 9. This historic win also brings attention to the seven other participants who narrowly missed the grand prize but secured $1 million each as a second-tier prize.

Identity of the Winner not Revealed

Under Oregon’s regulations, the identity of the $1.33 billion jackpot winner cannot be shielded from the public. They have up to a year to come forward and claim their life-altering prize. This win not only marks a historic moment for Oregon but also underscores the allure and excitement of participating in the Powerball lottery, a game that has consistently changed lives and supported communities through its proceeds.

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