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Ukrainian Embassy Rejects Zelensky Casino Purchase Claims as Russian Propaganda

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Reports suggesting that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky acquired a casino in Kyrenia, Cyprus, have been strongly refuted by the Ukrainian Embassy in the Republic of Cyprus. The embassy labeled these reports as “another lie” designed to discredit Ukraine and its leadership and to create diplomatic tension between Kyiv and Nicosia.

The rumors about Zelensky owning the Vuni Palace Casino and Hotel in Kyrenia, Cyprus, were decisively denied by the embassy, which pointed out that “Russian propaganda is spreading a false story.” The embassy emphasized that there is no credible evidence supporting these allegations.

Cyprus President Nikos Christodoulides also confirmed the Ukrainian embassy’s stance, noting that no evidence has emerged to validate the claims about Zelensky’s involvement in the casino purchase. This confirmation, along with the embassy’s assertion, should be sufficient to dismiss the accusations, especially given that the initial report lacked concrete evidence.

Misinformation to Discredit Ukraine and President Zelensky

The Ukrainian Embassy stated that this misinformation is another attempt to discredit Ukraine and its leadership in the international community’s eyes. They highlighted that spreading such false information is likely intended to strain diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Cyprus. Although the embassy did not provide direct evidence of Russian involvement, it noted that misinformation campaigns against Ukraine have become increasingly common. The embassy urged the public and media professionals to rely on credible sources and remain vigilant against “manipulation and propaganda.”

This false information is yet another lie aimed at discrediting Ukraine and its leadership in the eyes of the world community.

The original report, which came from the Turkish website OdaTV, was picked up by various pro-Kremlin social media outlets. The article claimed that while Western nations were providing Ukraine with financial and military support, Zelensky had shifted his focus to the casino industry, neglecting his country’s needs to pursue personal pleasures. OdaTV alleged that a company named “Film Heritage Inc.,” registered in Belize and supposedly owned by Zelensky, acquired the Vuni Palace Casino Hotel in early May 2024. However, further investigation revealed that the property’s supposed website containing this information was fake. The casino hotel’s genuine webpage does not mention this deal, and its owners confirmed they have not sold the property.

Furthermore, while Vuni Palace Casino Hotel has reportedly stopped accepting reservations as of May 27, according to, the growing evidence against OdaTV’s claims indicates that the rumor is almost certainly false. This case underscores the importance of proper media hygiene, especially given the ongoing media misinformation campaign surrounding the Ukraine crisis.

The Ukrainian Embassy reiterated that such false information is aimed at discrediting Ukraine and its leadership, stressing the importance of relying on credible sources. They called on the public and media to stay alert and not fall for manipulation and propaganda.


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