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UAE Launches Health Data Platform Based on Blockchain Technology

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As UAE plans to install AI technology into all health services delivery departments across all emirates, it is banking on blockchain technology to facilitate such processes.

The UAE Ministry of Health (MoHAP) has established the country’s first advanced digital portal to help store data of private facilities, drug information, health practitioners, pharmaceuticals, as well as other health centers.

The ministry of health intends to use the blockchain-based platform to incorporate artificial intelligence across all the health care centers in the country. This initiative will improve the efficiency of MoHAP as well as other health authorities in the UAE.

It will also facilitate the search for health facilities and medically licensed personnel via the app. This will make healthcare easily accessible to people. With the MoHAP App, users can follow three steps to get relevant information about healthcare personnel and healthcare providers within their area.

Also, the MOHAP portal will provide information about different medications, including their manufacturer, method of use, approved agent, price, as well as the active substance.

Besides, the project would offer effectiveness, efficiency, and ease of work for health inspectors by providing easy access and encouraging medical tourism.

Transition to AI technology part of UAE technology initiative

UAE has always been serious about becoming a global leader to proactively confront future problems with smart technology. This time, the government wants to intensify its efforts to provide solutions to healthcare delivery problems.

The artificial intelligence project will play a major role in improving the efficiency of healthcare services and offering smart medical solutions to meet the ever-growing needs of healthcare consumers.

According to the deputy undersecretary at the ministry of health, Dr, Amin Hussein, the plan is to help improve the overall delivery strategies of healthcare solutions in the country. It would also help consumers easily get information regarding most types of medication. This will help improve the general healthcare service in the country, according to Hussein.

MOHAP is planning to offer the best smart electronics services to launch a smart system that would lead to customer happiness and satisfaction. With the launch of the smart network, it would improve telecommunications standards and help the health regulatory authorities improve their level of monitoring efficiency.

Director of MOHAP’s public health policy department, Dr. Lubna Shaali, stated that the blockchain-based portal will provide a decentralized and secure database with a high level of security to verify data reliability and validity.

She also said that using blockchain technology will help to improve information and data verification in the industry. According to her, this would bring a sustained level of consistency and effectiveness in the health sector. With the use of blockchain technology, there would be more confidence and transparency in the provision of healthcare services in the country.

The project would encourage medical tourism

Apart from the supervisory benefits the project would yield to health regulators, it will also encourage medical tourism by facilitating the accessibility of high-valued information on the healthcare sector. Everything is in place for the transition to artificial intelligence using blockchain technology, said Hussein.

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