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Tron Founder Justin Sun to Start Buying Memecoins On Public Wallet; Excerpts

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The past couple of months have been confusing for investors, since the price of BTC, instead of following a steady pattern has been changing its movements greatly, even in the shorter time frame. However, the growth of crypto in general since the start of 2023 has helped maintain a bullish sentiment across the industry, which now seems to be focused on memecoins once again.

This recent surge in memecoin popularity has reached the ears of not just retail investors across the globe, but also some of the biggest crypto investors in the space. Justin Sun, a highly popular individual within the blockchain space has openly stated his intentions to buy and trade in memecoins, which has now taken the crypto community by storm.

Who is Justin Sun and Why is he popular in the Blockchain Space?

Justin Sun is a billionaire who is widely recognized in the cryptocurrency sphere for his enterprising outlook and innovative concepts. He founded TRON, a blockchain-based platform that strives to decentralize the internet, and presently holds the position of CEO of BitTorrent, a file-sharing platform that operates on a peer-to-peer network.

Justin Sun

Sun’s association with the crypto industry started in 2012 when he got selected to attend Jack Ma’s Hupan University, an educational institution focused on nurturing entrepreneurs in China. Following his time at Ripple, he launched TRON in 2017, which quickly became popular among developers and investors. Apart from his work with TRON, Sun has made headlines for his assertive marketing strategies and provocative statements. His $4.6 million bid to have lunch with Warren Buffet in 2019 garnered significant attention in the crypto world. Nonetheless, his high-profile approach has attracted some criticism from those who view him as self-promoting.

Despite the criticism, Justin Sun’s impact on the cryptocurrency industry is quite noteworthy. His innovative ideas and commitment to decentralization have earned him a loyal following among investors and developers alike, which is why his statements often have a major effect on the crypto market.

Investments Do Not Constitute Financial Advice – Justin Sun

Justin made the announcement in the form of a tweet on the social media platform Twitter, where he directly expressed his interest in investing in popular memecoins he thought held potential. However, he was also clear about there being no involvement from any of the companies he is associated with, like Huobi or Poloniex.

“It’s crucial to remember that my investments do not constitute financial advice, and there is no guarantee of listing these projects on any exchange, including @HuobiGlobal and @Poloniex . I am simply trading coins for fun. Always do your own research before investing!”, Justin mentioned under the tweet where he stated his intentions to start buying memecoins.

A crypto information platform Arkham also showed a snapshot of Justin Sun’s wallet holdings, which consisted of a massive chunk of ETH and USDT tokens, along with some low market cap tokens, confirming his plans of buying memecoins. One community that expects to gain the attention of Justin Sun is NOMEME, which was created right after Elon Musk posted his Milady Maker tweet which garnered major traction in a short span.

NOMEME is a memecoin project which had pumped greatly on being launched. However, there was dismay amongst the community as the token plunged in value within a couple of hours. But the token has regained value again, much to the surprise of an excited bunch of NOMEME holders.


At the time of writing, the project has regained more than 100% of its value since the recent dump and is trending, which is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the space currently. All these reasons are why several investors expect the project to be on Justin Sun’s memecoin radar soon.

Other Memecoins One May Want to Keep a Lookout For

There are a couple of memecoin projects which have already gained the attention of several crypto investors, and popular YouTubers. Some of these projects other than NOMEME include newly released meme tokens like PEPE, SpongeBob, Milady Memecoin etc. As the memecoin craze starts to evidently build up again, investors are sure to be on the lookout for low market cap gems like these, which could end up being the top gainers in the next couple of days.

A recently launched memecoin, known as NOMEME is also making rounds.


While there is no data about the kind of memecoins Justin Sun may invest his funds into, the hype around memecoins and a remerging trend could be a good indicator of it being an excellent time to start investing in high-potential memecoins like the ones mentioned above.

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