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Trending Cryptocurrency Tokens on Avalanche Chain Today – Akitavax, Vector, Biofi

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The Avalanche Chain recorded a slight 2.3% increase in the last 24 hours following the recent announcement on its Twitter page. It has increased market activity on the chain, resulting in a few tokens experiencing price gains.

Moreover, Avalanche is preparing for a network upgrade called Durango, scheduled for March 6, which will discontinue staking functionality on the Avalanche wallet website, with the current staking transaction types becoming obsolete.

Trending Cryptocurrency Tokens on Avalanche Chain

On the other hand, this announcement coincided with a recent upswing in trending token prices on the Avalanche Chain. This article will delve into Frog Wif Hat, a new cryptocurrency poised to make its mark in crypto, just like its contemporaries, Dog Wif Hat and Pepe.

1. Akitavax (AKITAX)

The price of Akitavax (AKITAX) surged by an impressive 61.33% in the last 24 hours, reaching $0.00009253. The surge in price of AKITAX represents a substantial 84.86% increase over the past seven days. This remarkable growth far outpaces the global cryptocurrency market’s 13.80% increase. It also surpasses similar Avalanche Ecosystem cryptocurrencies, which rose by 5.80%.

In addition, Akitavax stands out as a community-driven meme-based cryptocurrency project, taking a unique approach to technology and decision-making processes. Unlike conventional meme token projects, where critical decisions are made solely by founders, Akitavax operates as a collaborative effort. It invites enthusiasts to contribute to its social and artistic movement.

Akitavax price chart

Furthermore, the $AKITAX token, minted in line with this community-driven strategy, operates on the Avalanche Network, chosen for its reliability, speed, low cost, and eco-friendliness. In addition, Akitavax embodies the spirit of the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) era. It is designed to embrace various technologies and adapt quickly to new developments.

Furthermore, Akitavax strives to be the fairest and most transparent meme token on the Avalanche Network. Community members play an integral role in shaping its future direction. Moreover, with a bullish sentiment and 53% green days over the last 30 days, Akitavax presents a promising investment opportunity. It is supported by its resilient performance and strong community engagement.

2. Vector (VTX)

Vector Finance (VTX) has demonstrated impressive performance in the past week, boasting a substantial 19.60% price increase. This surge has outpaced the global cryptocurrency market and similar Avalanche Ecosystem cryptocurrencies.

Today, the price of Vector Finance stands at $0.05183, reflecting a notable 13.78% price surge in the last 24 hours. Additionally, it has experienced a significant 19.65% increase over the past seven days. Furthermore, with a circulating supply of 52 million VTX, the token boasts a market cap of $2,710,732.

VTX price chart

Vector Finance operates as a protocol integrated with Platypus Finance and Trader Joe’s. It offers users boosted yields on stablecoins or JOE LP deposits without owning any PTP or JOE tokens.

By aggregating PTP and JOE from platform users who choose to convert their tokens, Vector unlocks utility for PTP and JOE holders. It provides them with a portion of the yield generated by the protocol. This approach enhances capital efficiency and broadens the Platypus and Trader Joe’s user base.

Moreover, VTX, Vector’s governance token, receives a share of Vector’s revenue, estimated at around 30%. It grants voting power to PTP or JOE holders who may not prioritize governance concerns. VTX rewards are distributed to xPTP and zJOE stakers, stablecoin and JOE LP depositors, and liquidity providers for Vector’s tokens.

Vector Finance empowers Platypus, Trader Joe’s, and Benqi token holders to earn substantial yields on their native tokens. It is achieved by creating minted tokens such as xPTP, zJOE, and xQI, effectively transforming PTP, JOE, and QI into productive assets.

3. Biofi (BIOFI)

The BioFi project introduces a Utility Token designed to address growing concerns regarding the security and privacy of personal data. This initiative comes amidst an era plagued by increasing data breaches and hacks.

With consumers losing trust in traditional service providers’ ability to safeguard their identity and sensitive information, BioFi aims to restore confidence. It integrates biometric identity’s speed, security, and anonymity into the blockchain and DeFi landscape.

Biofi price chart

Currently priced at $0.000831, BioFi has demonstrated an 8.21% price increase in the last 24 hours. In addition, it boasts a 24-hour trading volume of $17,073.

Meanwhile, the token peaked on May 18, 2022, at an all-time high of $0.028159. It hit its lowest point on October 22, 2023, at $0.000165. Amidst fluctuations, BioFi’s price prediction sentiment remains bullish, with the Fear & Greed Index indicating extreme greed.

One notable highlight is that BioFi trades above the 200-day simple moving average, reflecting strong market performance and potential for continued growth. With its innovative approach to biometric identity integration, BioFi presents a promising solution to the pressing issue of data security. It positions itself as a critical player in the evolving landscape of decentralized finance.


GoGoPool is a decentralized staking protocol designed to expedite the launch of Avalanche Subnets through liquid staking and its native utility token, $GGP. This token helps to reduce the staking cost of an AVAX validator node and participate in staking to receive AVAX from the deposit pool.

In addition, it contributes to governance decisions aimed at accelerating Subnets’ launch. Launched on April 28, 2023, with 18 million GGP tokens, GoGoPool issues an additional 5% of supply annually as epoch rewards to support the network. These rewards are distributed among validators, the protocol treasury, and the OracleDAO.

GGP price chart

The current price of GoGoPool is $12.70, with a 24-hour trading volume of $44,509.92 and a market cap of $40,743,596. Over the last 24 hours, it has experienced a 1.77% increase; in the past seven days, it has seen a 3.59% increase.

Despite a 3.60% increase last week, GoGoPool lags behind the global cryptocurrency market’s 16.50% growth. Also, it falls behind similar Avalanche Ecosystem cryptocurrencies, which have seen a 5.80% increase.

GGP tokens, notably Trader Joe’s, are available for trading on decentralized exchanges. Trader Joe’s hosts active trading pairs such as GGP/WAVAX, with a 24-hour trading volume reaching $43,795.65.

What Might Be The Next Top Trending

Frog Wif Hat, a recently launched cryptocurrency in 2024, enters the competitive landscape with a clear mission: to surpass and outperform other meme coins like Dogwifhat and Pepe. With Dogwifhat boasting a market cap exceeding $500 million, Frog Wif Hat aims to carve its niche in the meme coin market, particularly as the memecoin season takes off.

Embracing the essence of meme coin culture, Frog Wif Hat keeps its roadmap simple, focusing on humor and accessibility rather than complex technicalities. Furthermore, what sets Frog Wif Hat apart is its fair launch on the Uniswap DEX, providing all investors an equal opportunity to acquire the token. This approach ensures accessibility and fairness in token distribution, fostering a more inclusive investment environment.

With its promising start and focus on community engagement, Frog Wif Hat presents an intriguing investment opportunity. It offers exposure to the meme coin market without the complexities often associated with traditional cryptocurrencies.

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