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Top Trending Meme coin To Buy Now, Saturday, July 06 – Dogwifhat, Hoppy, Brett (Based), Base Dawgz

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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This article includes $BRETT, the blue mascot of the base chain, which offers a unique blend of nostalgia and cutting-edge blockchain functionality. It also looks into the unique offering of $DAWGZ, which allows interoperability between blockchains.

Spot bitcoin ETFs experienced significant declines in early Friday trading as bitcoin prices hit their lowest since February. The largest fund, BlackRock’s IBIT, with over $19 billion in assets, fell approximately 6.5%. Grayscale’s GBTC and Fidelity’s FBTC, the second and third most significant funds, saw similar drops in value.

Top Trending Meme Coin To Buy Now

By offering fair tokenomics and a price increase of 69.56%, $HOPPY is one token worth looking into today. Also, we look into the unique blend of nostalgia and cutting-edge technology provided by $BRETT, which has resulted in a price surge of 206.80%.

By offering seamless movement across multiple blockchains and solving the interoperability problem, Base Dawgz is reinventing the crypto world. Finally, we move on to $WIF, which leverages Solana’s speed and efficiency to ensure fast and cost-effective transactions.

1. Hoppy ($HOPPY)

Hoppy is a unique meme coin inspired by Matt Furie’s “The Night Riders” comic book. This anthropomorphic frog character has leaped from the pages into the heart of internet culture. Hoppy’s memetic revolution has cemented its iconic status, infusing humor and meme magic into the crypto world.

The project’s tokenomics are designed with fairness and community in mind. Liquidity pool tokens have been burned, and contract ownership has been renounced. With a 0% buy and sell tax, Hoppy ensures that traders can hop in and out without extra fees.

Hoppy price chart

Recent news has created a buzz around Hoppy, with multiple high-profile exchange listings. BingX, CoinEx, and Bitrue added Hoppy to their spot trading offerings. BitMart, one of the most recognizable crypto exchanges, has also listed Hoppy, opening doors to a broader audience.

Hoppy’s growing list of partnerships showcases its increasing popularity and accessibility. It’s now available on major platforms like Uniswap, Mexc, Latoken,, and Dextools. These partnerships make it easier for investors to join the Hoppy community and participate in its growth.

The market has responded positively to these developments, with Hoppy’s price surging by an impressive 69.56%. Currently trading at $0.0001882, Hoppy presents an exciting opportunity for investors looking to ride the next big meme coin wave. 

2. Brett (Based) ($BRETT)

Brett (Based) brings Matt Furie’s beloved Boys’ Club character to life on the BASE blockchain. This blue mascot of the “blue chain” has captured the hearts of crypto enthusiasts with its renounced contract and locked liquidity pool. Brett’s growing ecosystem and strong community support make it a standout player in the meme coin space.

Built on the innovative BASE chain technology, Brett offers a unique blend of nostalgia and cutting-edge blockchain functionality. Its connection to Matt Furie’s work gives it cultural significance beyond typical meme coins. The project’s commitment to security, evidenced by its locked liquidity, provides investors with added peace of mind.

Brett (Based) price chart

Recent developments have further solidified Brett’s position in the crypto landscape. The new listing on Rollbit allows for high-leverage price betting, adding excitement for risk-tolerant traders. The upcoming “Base Gaming Night” event showcases Brett’s commitment to community engagement and its connection to the gaming world.

Brett’s impressive list of exchange partnerships speaks volumes about its potential. With listings on significant platforms like LBank, ByBit, Kucoin, and BitMart, Brett ensures wide accessibility for traders. These partnerships boost liquidity and signal strong confidence in the project from established industry players.

Brett’s recent price movement has been spectacular, with a 206.80% increase to $0.1189. This surge demonstrates the market’s growing interest in Brett and its potential for further growth. 

3. Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ)

Base Dawgz is revolutionizing the crypto space with its innovative multi-chain approach. This unique project is built on the Base Chain but continues beyond there. It’s designed to trade across Ethereum, Solana, BSC, and Avalanche, breaking down barriers between blockchains.

The project solves a critical problem in the crypto world: limited interoperability between different blockchains. Base Dawgz offers seamless movement across multiple chains, freeing users from the constraints of single-chain operations. This breakthrough allows crypto enthusiasts to explore the decentralized world without limits.

At its core, Base Dawgz leverages the robust technology of the Base chain. This foundation provides a solid launchpad for the project’s ambitious multi-chain aspirations. It’s not just about being on Base; it’s about using it as a springboard for broader blockchain integration.

The real magic of Base Dawgz lies in its ability to leap across blockchains effortlessly. Users can easily claim, store, and trade $DAWGZ on Ethereum, Solana, BSC, and Avalanche. This multi-chain functionality, powered by cutting-edge Web3 technologies like Wormhole and Portal Bridge, opens up a world of possibilities for traders and investors.

Base Dawgz is rewarding creativity through an exciting airdrop campaign. Users can connect their X account and earn points by creating and sharing Base Dawgz-related content. These points can later be redeemed for $DAWGZ tokens, incentivizing community engagement and project promotion.

Base Dawgz tweet

Staking has just gone live for all $DAWGZ holders, offering an incredible opportunity to earn passive income. Users can earn extra $DAWGZ at fluctuating rates over time by committing tokens to a smart contract. This feature on the Ethereum network provides a compelling reason to hold and grow your $DAWGZ investment.

While partnerships are on the horizon for the next phase, Base Dawgz is already making waves. The project’s innovative approach and multi-chain functionality attract attention across the crypto community. As more partnerships develop, Base Dawgz is poised to become a significant player in the blockchain space.

The Base Dawgz presale is in full swing, offering early supporters a chance to get in on the ground floor. With over $2.3 million raised and a current price of $0.00581, time is running out to participate. The subsequent price increase is two days away, making now the perfect time to join the Base Dawgz pack.

Visit Base Dawgz Presale

4. Dogwifhat ($WIF)

Dogwifhat is more than just a cute meme coin; it symbolises progress in the crypto world. This Solana-based token represents futuristic transactions and appeals to forward-thinking investors. By embracing $WIF, you’re not just buying a token but joining a movement reshaping finance and technology.

The technology behind Dogwifhat leverages the speed and efficiency of the Solana ecosystem. This choice of blockchain ensures that $WIF transactions are lightning-fast and cost-effective. With Solana’s growing popularity, $WIF is perfectly positioned to ride the wave of next-generation blockchain adoption.

Dogwifhat price chart

One of $WIF’s most appealing aspects is its fair distribution model. With 100% of the supply circulating and no team or VC allocations, there’s no risk of sudden dumps affecting your investment. This transparent approach creates a level playing field for all investors, making $WIF a truly community-driven project.

Dogwifhat’s partnerships with industry leaders like Cyberscope, Quantstamp, and CoinMarketCap speak volumes about its credibility. These collaborations ensure that $WIF maintains high-security standards and enjoys increased visibility in the crypto market. By investing in $WIF, you’re aligning yourself with some of the most respected names in blockchain technology.

Recent price movements have put $WIF in the spotlight. The token is currently trading at $1.98, showing an impressive 24% increase. This upward trend suggests growing investor confidence and market recognition of $WIF’s potential. 

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