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Top Trending Cryptos Coins Base Chain – SKOP Token, Brett’s cat, Basenji

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The crypto market has begun posting recovery signals, which indicates that investors should prepare for a potential move to the upside. However, low-caps cryptos remain the top-performing tokens in the market. 

Today’s market data sports the top trending cryptocurrencies on the Base chain as some of the highest gainers in the market. The performance of the memecoins in the ecosystem mainly drives this. 

Top Trending Cryptos Coins Base Chain

Projects recently launched through the presale offering of their tokens are also ranking high on the list of best-performing cryptocurrencies in the market today. Hence, this post shares insight into the WienerAI project’s presale offering to help investors take advantage of the impending launch of the WAI token before it becomes widespread. 

1.  Brett’s Cat (BALT)

Brett is one of the top gainers in the crypto market, having had over 300% price increase. Due to the BRETT token’s performance, memecoins have emerged seeking to gain investors interest with the BRETT name. Interestingly, many emerging BRETT-centered crypto projects have earned impressive traction since they appeared on the market. 

Brett’s Cat is a Brett-centered project built on the Base chain. The project boasts a narrative showcasing a cat owned by Brett, and it’s won the hearts of cat lovers and Brett loyalists worldwide. At the time of writing, BALT has a price of $0.006074, an increase of over 152% in the last 24 hours.

BALT Price Chart

It also sports a growing number of holders: 18.8k at press time. The growth in holders showcases the project’s long-term potential. Besides, BALT’s chart shows that it’s enjoyed a consistent price pump since its inception. The trends of its trading volume reveal that BALT might be able to sustain its upsides much longer. 

In addition to its fundamentals, BALT also has a trading volume-to-market cap ratio of 50%, which shows that it has the potential to keep up its uptrends. Currently, the project has a market cap of $5 million, and it prints a trading volume of about $2.6 million, coupled with a total supply of approximately 1 million tokens. The data shows that investors can 

2. SKOP Token (SKOP)

When it comes to memecoins, the fundamentals are usually not prioritized. This concept is quite evident in the SKOP project, which is premised on the idea of artworks related to the Skulls of Pepe. The project builds on the success of the popular meme coin Pepe, and so far, it’s recorded as an impressive success, based on over 13.19k holders. 

Besides its growing number of holders. SKOP is also seeing a progressive increase in trading volume, crossing the $1.2 million mark in the last 24 hours. The growth in its trading volume stems from the increasing number of transactions done with the token. Along with its growing trading volume, Skop posted a substantial increase in price today with an over 80% price jump. 

SKOP Price Chart

While the SKOP project exhibits impressive price movement, a handful of gaps likely influence its price over the short and long run. It is critical to consider these pitfalls before deciding, particularly a long-term investment decision.

The project sports a DEXTscore of less than 90, which casts a shadow on the investor’s confidence in the asset. Likewise, the technical analysis of the SKOP price chart shows a gradual decline in SKOP momentum, which might result in a substantial price decline in the coming days. 

Overall, SKOP remains one of the top-performing crypto tokens on the Base chains today. Investors looking to capitalize on the token’s price action should further research the token to uncover the best entry and exit opportunities. 

3. Basenji (BENJI)

Basenji is a meme coin project created to recognize the oldest dog breed in history. The dog is reportedly of Egyptian origin and can be traced back several thousand years. Part of Basenji’s history is its companionship with the rulers of the past, particularly the Pharaohs of the time. 

The Basenji community capitalizes on the dog breed’s historical background to push the project’s monumental narrative. The crypto investor community is receptive to the idea of the Basenji project. At press time, the project boasted over 79.9k holders. It also has a market cap of about $89.7 million and a $6.3 million trading volume. 

BENJI Price Chart

Furthermore, Basenji posted over 50% gains in the last 24 hours, reaching the top spot as one of the highest gainers in the previous 24 hours. The trends of the token’s charts also show that the gains may continue as the week progresses since there’s a progressive increase in the number of investors joining the project. 

Overall, investors considering the Basenji community should research the project for the best entry opportunity. Nevertheless, the engagement within its community reveals that the token has significant upside potential in the coming months. 

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto

This is thrilling news for the WienerAI team and the Sausage Army community. The project recently achieved a new milestone in the presale offering of the WAI token. According to a post on its official Twitter handle, the presale offering crossed the $5 million target a few days back, and it’s getting closer to its launch and exchange listing.

The find inflow into the WienerAI project positions early investors for significant returns on investment, and sidelined participants need to get in on time to avoid buying the WAI tokens at a higher price after their exchange listing. The WAI token is currently priced at $0.000717 as the presale discount is still on. 

At its core, the Wiener AI project is a blend of AI-based trading tools and memecoin projects. It focuses on providing automated trading solutions to traders and crypto investors. More importantly, it incorporates community influence to drive up the long-term value of the WAI token. With meme culture taking the frontline of the crypto market recently, projects like WienerAI that sport hybrid narrative stand a chance of retaining their value in the long run. 

In addition, the project allows presale investors to stake their WAI tokens and earn APY even before the project is fully launched.  Staking APY is pegged at 211%, and over 4.9 Billion WAI tokens are stacked on the platform. Moreover, investors participating in the staking offer have earned over 1.9 Billion WAI token rewards so far. The project sports several other benefits highlighted on its presale website and social media handles.

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