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Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools – Wrapped BTC, Wrapped Ether, Doge Killer

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Wrapped Bitcoin
Wrapped Bitcoin

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Investors are currently experiencing a frenzy in meme coin markets, witnessing a surge of new coins emerging daily. They eagerly join the rush, hoping to make a quick profit. The era of Shitcoin season has undeniably arrived, as investors actively buy and sell trending cryptos on DEXTools. They can reap substantial gains of up to ten times their initial investments. Excitingly, tokens such as Pepe 2.0 are gaining immense popularity and commanding significant price hikes. This development reflects the dynamic nature of the market.

1. Wrapped BTC (WBTC)

The first ERC20 token backed 1:1 with Bitcoin is Wrapped Bitcoin, one of the top trending cryptos on DEXTools. It maintains complete transparency and ensures 100% verifiability. The community takes the lead in its management.

WBTC enhances the liquidity of the Ethereum ecosystem, empowering decentralised exchanges (DEXs) and financial applications. Currently, centralised exchanges dominate the trading volume involving Bitcoin. However, WBTC revolutionises this trending crypto scenario by enabling the integration of Bitcoin’s liquidity into DEXs. Therefore, this facilitates the utilisation of Bitcoin for token trades.

The ERC20 format standardises Bitcoin and transforms it into smart contracts. It simplifies the process of integrating Bitcoin transfers into smart contracts. Integrating Bitcoin transfers becomes more convenient as exchanges, wallets, and payment apps only have to handle an Ethereum node. This upgrade alleviates the burden of maintaining multiple nodes and managing different transaction types for supporting various currencies.

A multi-signature contract will control the open process of adding and removing merchants and custodians for WBTC on Ethereum. Institutions within the WBTC DAO will hold the keys to this multi-sig contract.

Administrators, known as merchants, play vital roles within the WBTC community. They initiate the minting of newly wrapped tokens and the burning of wrapped tokens, which the custodians then carry out. The custodians ensure trustworthy and institutional-level security for WBTC. All issued WBTC will be fully backed and verified through on-chain proof of reserves.

2. Wrapped Ether (WETH)

Another cryptocurrency on this list of top trending coins is Wrapped Ether. WETH wraps Ether to create a wrapped version, given its name signifies the wrapping process involving ERC-20 token standards. Wrapped coins and tokens hold nearly identical value to their underlying assets. The price of wETH is pegged to ETH at a 1:1 ratio, making them essentially indistinguishable. The utilisation scenarios differentiate wrapped tokens from their underlying assets, particularly with respect to older coins like Bitcoin and Ether.

Users can unwrap wrapped Ethereum tokens by sending their wETH tokens to a smart contract on the Ethereum network. This process subsequently returns an equal amount of ETH. 

Wrapped tokens address the interoperability challenges that commonly arise across various blockchains and facilitate the seamless exchange of tokens. Typically, Ether cannot be directly utilised on the Bitcoin blockchain, nor can Avalanche be used on the Ethereum blockchain. The original coins are tokenised and enveloped with the token standards of a specific blockchain through wrapping. It enables their utilisation within that network.

WETH, unlike Ether, cannot pay gas fees on the network. Nonetheless, its ERC-20 compatibility facilitates additional investment and staking opportunities on DApps. Moreover, wETH is helpful on platforms such as OpenSea for auction-based buying and selling activities.

Ethereum aims to update its codebase and achieve full ERC-20 compliance, eliminating the need to wrap Ether for interoperability. However, for now, wETH remains valuable for enhancing liquidity in liquidity pools, facilitating crypto lending, and enabling NFT trading.

Hot pairs on DEXTools

Hot Pairs on DEXTools

3. Doge Killer (LEASH)

Ryoshi, the pseudonymous developer who founded SHIB, also owns LEASH. Initially introduced as a rebase token, Doge Killer aimed to control its price based on demand by adjusting its supply. Tokenholders may witness changes in the number of coins in their wallets while maintaining the same overall value. This mirrors the operation of certain algorithmic stablecoins.

However, the team later decided to abandon this plan and instead “unleash the potential” of Doge Killer. The token’s supply was drastically reduced to a mere 107,646 coins. This amount is significantly small compared to SHIB’s supply measured in quadrillions. Consequently, LEASH obtained a high price, reaching around $1,500 as of mid-February 2022. The advantage of this scarcity-based model lies in LEASH’s ability to experience substantial growth when interest in the token surges.

In the ShibaSwap decentralised exchange, traders can purchase LEASH and stake it, earning rewards. The top trending crypto, Doge Killer, is crucial in Doggy DAO. The blockchain-based governance entity is responsible for bringing the Shiba Inu community closer and facilitating ecosystem management. 

LEASH encompasses various SHIB ecosystem applications, including staking, obtaining land in the Shiba metaverse, purchasing NFTs, and others. While conflicting LEASH price predictions exist, the token’s price dynamics display a good performance. It indicates the importance of monitoring Doge Killer for the potential introduction of new use cases and subsequent value appreciation.

4. Pepe 2.0 (PEPE2.0) 

Pepe 2.0 ($PEPE2) emerges as a cryptocurrency within the flourishing trend of imitative variants of popular meme coins. The original Pepe coin was introduced on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain in April 2023. Pepe 2.0 entered the scene merely two months later. 

The official website states that the 2.0 version aims to rectify previous missteps of the PEPE project. These involve launching the meme coin during the weekend and implementing a blacklist for certain early investors.

Pepe 2.0 promotes itself as an avenue for traders and investors who missed PEPE’s initial bullish surge. The trending crypto offers them another chance to transform a modest investment into quite a fortune.

Investors enjoy a “no tax policy” with the original Pepe coin. This feature ensures they are not taxed during their purchase, sale, or trade of the currency. However, Pepe Coin 2.0 imposes a 1% tax, as the official website states. The tax will be allocated to initiatives such as community development, support for the liquidity pool, and marketing endeavours.

Pepe 2.0 utilises a distinctive tokenomics framework to reward holders and foster a thriving ecosystem. Its developers relinquished ownership of the smart contract address to showcase their dedication to security. This step intends to enhance transparency and guarantee that the community maintains control over the project.

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto?

New projects surface every week in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency. Seasoned investors firmly believe that investing in these tokens can give them a competitive advantage, leading to substantial future returns. In presales, investors can acquire tokens at a reduced price before their listing on any exchange. Consequently, early investors can swiftly accumulate significant profits if the project prospers.

Wall Street Memes, a new cryptocurrency, has disrupted the market by ingeniously blending business and popular culture. It pioneers a revolutionary platform that combines meme-inspired content with state-of-the-art financial instruments, breathing new life into the investment industry.

This cryptocurrency aims to establish a community that uses internet memes’ viral potential to tackle conventional financial matters humorously. The project presents a captivating opportunity that attracts a broader audience seeking a unique and unconventional gateway into the market. With its innovative approach, Wall Street Memes possesses the power to disrupt the market. It captivates investors through its captivating blend of comedy.

The distinctive aspect of this project lies in its captivating collection of internet memes. These include famous movie characters like Gordon Gekko from Wall Street. It is worth mentioning that the community has tokenised Gekko’s iconic line, “Greed is good.”

Now is the perfect time for those who want to maximise their potential gains from Wall Street Memes to participate in the presale before it ends. Getting involved early can establish investors as one of the project’s initial supporters and enjoy significant advantages. 

In its presale, WSM has recently achieved a milestone by surpassing the $13 million mark. The hard cap for the presale stands at $30,577,000. Enthusiasts are hailing this project as one of the most significant meme coins after its exchange launch.

Check out the Wall Street Memes presale.

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