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Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools – Pepechain Token, XAI Corp, Synapse

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Synapse SYN
Synapse SYN

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The general crypto market is not in good shape currently. The trending cryptos on DEXTools also have their reservations. It is one thing that the week just began and it is another that external factors are not helping matters. Major central banks will be meeting this week to decide the fate of their respective economies. The US stock market is responding quite well to the financial environment at the moment but there are worries as to how long it can keep up.

Nations dependent on the US and EU economies are bracing up for the worse. Latin American and some African economies may be hard hit if the two large economies decide to raise rates this time around. Howbeit, it seems inevitable from the look of things.

If the current rate levels are maintained, then there may be more funds left to fly around. Investors would then have more impetus to increase their activities in the crypto market. The current market condition could also be that investors are deciding to stay on the sideline pending all decisions. They want to hear policymakers speak before taking decisive actions.

1. Pepechain Token (PC)

The Pepechain is an Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible protocol that utilizes PEPE as its gas token. The network has an ultra-fast transaction speed and high scalability functions. Resolving these two problems of the blockchain puts any crypto asset directly in line to be a top trending crypto.

The Pepechain is also used to facilitate the interoperability of smart contracts and decentralized apps. It also makes sure that the process of their integration is as seamless as it can be.

The network goes further to make sure that it supports immutability and security. Thus, all users’ assets are firmly secured. The rich consensus platform Pepechain is built on helps to ensure this.

Since it embraces interoperability, the Pepechain makes it possible to easily communicate with other chains. It, then, places an important role in fostering an inclusive and closely connected blockchain network.

While it is designed to be a scalable and self-sustaining network, there is a total supply of 420.69 trillion PC tokens. PC and PEPE are the two lead tokens of the Pepechain network. PC is the governance token that enables holders to participate in decision-making. PEPE, on the other hand, is just used for gas fees.

Investors are welcome to join the network in building the future of decentralized finance as it sees it. It also aims to launch a new dispensation of blockchain innovations.

2. XAI Corp (XAI)

XAI is a meme token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is yet another convergence of artificial intelligence and the meme wave. You may think about AiDoge for a minute. This similarity makes XAI likely to be a top trending crypto.

This firm was set up by the billion investor, Elon Musk. Since he has made his mark in the automobile and space shuttle ecosystems via Tesla and Space X respective, he now turns his attention to Artificial Intelligence. Soon enough, Musk may be one of the biggest players in AI. As it looks, AI will be one of the most discussed topics in public spaces for the next 5 years, at least. 

The convergence of artificial intelligence, social media, and cryptocurrency is embodied in XAI’s mascot called Lil X. The mascot brings together the narrative of all the parts that came together. It, therefore, cemented XAI’s unique position in the crypto landscape. 

Lil X, by design, shows a softer side of AI away from the stiff robotic most other AI memes show. The mascot has begun to gain attention on Twitter as a fun character.

The XAI project rose on the back of another token contract and it is steered by an innovative community. The evolution that has occurred bears witness to the strong commitment the community has to aid sustainable growth. It also embodies the tents of inclusive blockchain technology.

XAI is trying to chart a unique path, quite different from every other token. It runs on a renounced contract with no involvement of the developers who worked on it. Neither does it have presale or private sales. Departing from the known models of regular blockchain brings some relief. It also brings a new point of view while challenging the regular.

While focused on the future, XAI also looks to achieve the little but important milestones that drive home the point of its vision. One of the most important steps it wants to achieve in its milestone is listing on exchanges. This will improve its profile and aid its growth.

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Although the XAI token is still considered a meme, it has important utility. It is a symbol of active participation in a community united by shared AI values.

3. Synapse (SYN)

The next top trending crypto, Synapse, is a protocol designed for security and interoperability. It works to send data arbitrarily between blockchains but under secure circumstances.

Synapse users are able to share assets and exchange them across different blockchains. These include all of the L1, L2, and sidechain networks.

The project is out to improve the compatibility between blockchains. The first step to do this is by helping users transfer their assets between ecosystems with more efficiency. Synapse uses a stable-swap algorithm to securely move users’ assets between different networks. While at this, it also manages transaction prices, liquidity balances, and slippages at the same time.

Synapse as an ecosystem has six distinct parts. The first is the Synapse Bridge then the cross-chain AMM, aggregative cross-chain communication, and the SYN token. Others are the Synapse Chain and the optimistic security approach.

With the network’s general messaging platform, data can be sent out arbitrarily across different blockchains. This will be done in the easiest and most secure way. Due to that, applications don’t have to be deployed differently across different blockchains. They will be deployed on one chain and communicate with other chains. With that, the same user experience will be created from the central app layer.

Passing generic messages equally includes calls on the smart contract. This enables different chains’ smart contracts to easily communicate with each other.

The Synapse Bridge lets users swap blockchain assets easily across more than 15 blockchains whether they are compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine or not. This swap is also done safely and securely. This bridge supports both Canonical Token Bridging and Liquidity-based Bridging.

In the final analysis, Synapse is an optimistic roll-up built on the Ethereum network. It is designed to serve as an independent execution environment to be used across different blockchains. The chain will give developers a generic smart contract user interface to build while leveraging Synapse’s system.

Apps built on Synapse can execute their business across different blockchains. 

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto?

While new crypto projects get launched almost daily, some find it easier than others. Launchpad XYZ is a project that aims to provide analytic insight to crypto traders. It helps them launch better in the Web3 space while cutting off the hassles familiar to Web2.

Launchpad XYZ has been on presale in order to gather enough momentum before it gets listed on exchanges. The presale has now raised over $1.18 million as it looks at a hard cap of $1.55 million.

Apart from being a crypto analytics platform for traders, Launchpad XYZ also gives an insight into the metaverse. This is what draws most users to the platform. It offers an interactive interface and other experiences that help users navigate Web3 at large.

With less than $400,000 to the end of the presale, investors who haven’t bought LPX at the cheap rate of $0.0445 should do so. 

Visit Launchpad XYZ.

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