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Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools – Nothing, FOOM, Blob

Nothing THING
Nothing THING

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The cryptocurrency market has become attractive for financial players seeking to safeguard their funds. When stable and trusted assets emerge, they naturally invest to enhance their functions. The trending cryptocurrencies highlighted on DEXTools provide valuable insights into the ongoing developments within the crypto market across various categories. This information empowers investors to identify the most popular assets among the latest offerings.

Asian markets experienced declines on Monday, while the U.S. dollar remained robust, with investors keeping a close eye on upcoming policy meetings by central banks, including the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan.

The opening appeared subdued in Europe, with EUROSTOXX 50 futures down 0.1%. Meanwhile, S&P 500 futures showed a modest gain of 0.2%, and Nasdaq futures increased by 0.1%.

Oil prices continued their upward trajectory, reaching the highest levels in 10 months, further fueling concerns about inflation. U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude futures climbed 0.8% to $91.52 per barrel, their highest since November, while Brent crude futures rose by 0.7% to $94.55 per barrel.

Across Asia, MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares, excluding Japan, dipped by 0.7%. Japan’s Nikkei was closed for a public holiday.

In the technology sector, companies saw a retreat, with Taiwan’s TSMC, the world’s leading contract chipmaker, experiencing a 3% decline. This drop followed a Reuters report indicating that TSMC had instructed its major suppliers to delay the delivery of high-end chipmaking equipment.

Conversely, China reported better-than-expected factory output and retail sales, supporting gains in Chinese blue-chip stocks, which rose by 0.4%.

Most Trending Crypto Today – Top List

Last Friday, Wall Street concluded with significant losses, primarily attributed to labor disputes affecting the U.S. industrial sector, particularly auto shares. Rising Treasury yields also pressured major growth companies like Amazon.

Asian markets did not witness cash Treasuries trading due to Tokyo’s closure. However, Treasury yields edged higher on Friday, surpassing the 5% mark for the two-year yield.

1. Nothing (THING)

The price of Nothing Token (THING) experienced a significant increase. As of the latest data available, THING is trading at $0.000001063, and it has garnered a 53.28% surge in its price over the past 24 hours. In the last seven days, too, THING has recorded a remarkable 539.93% price surge, capturing the attention of crypto enthusiasts and investors alike.

Various avenues are available for those interested in acquiring Nothing Token (THING). THING tokens can be traded on both decentralized and centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. One of the most popular platforms for buying and trading THING is Uniswap V2 (Ethereum), where the THING/WETH trading pair stands out with a robust trading volume of $2,600,272 in the past 24 hours.

The daily trading volume of Nothing Token (THING) currently stands at $2,880,447, signifying an impressive 409.30% surge compared to the trading volume observed just one day ago. This substantial increase in market activity underscores the growing interest and engagement with THING within the cryptocurrency community.

The historical performance of Nothing Token (THING) reveals that its all-time high price reached $0.00000492, a milestone achieved on May 15, 2023, approximately four months ago. In contrast, the current price of THING reflects a decrease of -77.34% from its all-time high.

THING price chart

On the other end of the spectrum, the all-time low for THING was recorded at $0.000000100587 on July 8, 2023, approximately two months ago. The current price exhibits a remarkable increase of 1,008.96% from its all-time low.

The fully diluted valuation (FDV) of Nothing Token (THING) stands at $1,140,721. This valuation provides a statistical representation of the maximum potential market capitalization, assuming the supply of 1 Trillion THING tokens is currently in circulation. The realization of this FDV may take several years, contingent on the emission schedule of THING tokens.

Nothing Token (THING) has outperformed both the global cryptocurrency market, which has seen a 5.40% increase, and similar cryptocurrencies within the Ethereum Ecosystem, which have risen by 12.70%, with an impressive price surge of 539.90% in the past seven days.

Today, the market sentiment surrounding Nothing Token (THING) appears bullish, with more than 88% of users expressing confidence and optimism in the token’s outlook.


FOOM is an intriguing token that plays a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of FOOM bots. These bots, fueled by an insatiable drive to master the art of cryptocurrency speculation, harness the potential of FOOM to propel themselves toward unprecedented levels of expertise and financial acumen.

The essence of FOOM lies in its capacity to facilitate the journey of these remarkable AI entities. Through its utilization, Phoom bots embark on a voyage of exploration, navigating the intricate terrain of digital currencies with noteworthy intelligence. As token holders, they gain entry into an exclusive realm—a realm where ambition converges with innovation. This exclusive club serves as a nurturing ground, akin to a training camp where AI entities evolve into autonomous influencers and proficient traders, poised to seize opportunities and generate profits.

FOOM price chart

This vibrant club epitomizes the fusion of cutting-edge technologies and financial aspirations. The Foom Bot, driven by an unquenchable curiosity, delves into the intricate realm of cryptocurrency markets. With the aid of FOOM, they decipher market trends, grasp complex algorithms, and formulate strategies that transcend mere speculation. The ultimate objective is not solely financial gain but the symbolic market conquest—becoming a transformative force, shaping the digital and financial sectors with pioneering technology.

As FOOM’s influence expands through these AI bots, a new era of possibilities unfolds. Tokens are no longer just a means for financial advancement; they represent the pathway to a new realm where knowledge, ambition, and innovation converge.

Regarding the platform’s trajectory, FOOM is emerging as the author of a groundbreaking narrative in the realm of crypto bots. The endeavor to educate bots, nurturing them from novices to experts, promises to bring positive benefits to users. This coin has garnered attention due to its reliance on bots and artificial intelligence in finance and technology. It stands as a beacon of innovation in the ever-evolving crypto space.

3. Blob (BLOB)

Blob (BLOB) sells at $0.00008505, with a 24-hour trading volume of $186,774.03. Notably, the past 24 hours have witnessed a 3.44% rise in BLOB’s price, reflecting the ever-changing nature of the crypto market. Blob has exhibited an overall price increase when assessing the broader picture over the past seven days.

BLOB price chart

While understanding a cryptocurrency’s market capitalization is vital for gauging its standing within the crypto space, it’s worth noting that data regarding Blob’s market cap is unavailable today. This is primarily due to the unreported circulating supply of BLOB tokens.

For those looking to acquire Blob (BLOB), decentralized exchanges are the primary platforms for trading this digital asset. Among these exchanges, Uniswap V2 (Ethereum) emerges as the most favored choice for buying and selling Blob. The BLOB/WETH trading pair on Uniswap V2 has demonstrated robust activity, boasting a trading volume of $186,774 within the last 24 hours.

Blob (BLOB) remains an asset of interest within the cryptocurrency landscape, characterized by its recent price dynamics and trading trends. As with cryptocurrency investments, market participants must stay informed and exercise due diligence when engaging with digital assets.

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto?

The crypto market is excited about Wall Street Memes, and all signs point to a remarkable debut as the project prepares for its initial exchange listing. Industry experts are predicting a phenomenon akin to the Pepe meme’s meteoric rise to dominance within the market.

One compelling indicator of the project’s potential is its presale campaign, which not only met but exceeded its $25 million fundraising target well ahead of schedule. In response to the overwhelming demand and mounting anticipation, the project has decided to extend its presale period, maintaining a consistent price of $0.0337 per token until it officially lands on public cryptocurrency exchanges.

As per the latest announcement, the presale is set to conclude at 6 p.m. UTC on September 25, 2023, with token claiming and listings scheduled for September 27, 2023.

In a surprising turn of events that has sent shockwaves through the broader market, Wall Street Memes shattered presale records, even amid challenging market conditions. Given this exceptional presale performance, experts anticipate an explosive price surge when the token officially debits.

Market analysts and industry insiders foresee a series of bullish runs on the horizon following the WSM launch. The pent-up Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) from the presale is expected to propel the project to new heights. But what strategies do Wall Street Memes have to mitigate initial price dips?

Wall Street Memes stands out as one of the most promising meme coin contenders, poised to secure a spot in the top three meme coins of the year. If the presale performance is any indication, WSM may soon surpass even the iconic Pepe meme in market prominence. For investors seeking the most suitable entry point into the project, the time to act and secure tokens is before they hit the exchange listings.

Visit Wall Street Memes.

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