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Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools – Hemule, Biaocoin, BRIDGE BOT

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In today’s cryptocurrency market, profitability abounds as numerous assets yield investor profits. DEXTools is a window into this thriving landscape. The platform showcases a diverse mix of new tokens and established players. These projects demonstrate promising prospects and contribute to the overall upward momentum.

Top Trending Crypto Coins on Dextool

In the current crypto market, notable movements are observed as most established and well-known digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum strive for recovery following recent bearish trends.

Today, on DEXTools, $HEMULE, $BIAO, and $XFER emerge as the top trending crypto coins. Bitcoin  (BTC) is making strides, hovering around $43,000 with a 3% increase daily. Meanwhile, Ether (ETH) experiences a slight uptick of just over 2.5%. 

However, with many US market participants away for MLK Day celebrations, trading volumes are notably low. This downtrend has reached around $25 billion, significantly below last Monday’s $42.7 billion. 

Furthermore, as significant exchanges await increased activity upon the return of US markets, traders seeking quick gains are turning to the highly volatile low-cap markets, particularly the market for shitcoins/meme coins.

Furthermore, these shitcoin/meme markets, known for their liquidity challenges, often witness remarkable 5-10x gains in a single day. This offers a level of volatility that large-cap markets cannot match. Consequently, we’ve listed and analyzed the top trending tokens on DEXTools today.

1. Hemule ($HEMULE)

Hemule ($HEMULE) emerges as a unique meme coin, drawing attention with a remarkable 130% surge on Monday. Also, the token showcased a price increase of 285.50% in the last seven days.

Moreover, Hemule distinguishes itself with a decentralized approach—no contract ownership, 0 tax, LP burned, and no team tokens, ensuring a community-driven ecosystem. The project positions itself as a lighthearted cryptocurrency inspired by Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin’s cat.

HEMULE price chart

Furthermore, the coin’s mission revolves around feline advocacy. This approach aims to spread awareness for cats globally while fostering a vibrant and inclusive culture. 

In addition, the engaging narrative unfolds through their social media channels, particularly on Twitter and Telegram, making community participation pivotal. Beyond the charm of its charismatic feline inspiration, Hemule prioritizes security with burned liquidity for long-term sustainability. 

Moreover, as the token trades on Uniswap with a 0 tax ecosystem, Hemule showcases resilience and outperformance amidst market fluctuations. Hemule’s undeniable surge and unique narrative position it as an exciting and unconventional addition to the crypto landscape.

2. Biaocoin ($BIAO)

Bitcoin ($BIAO) has surprisingly revitalized with an impressive surge of nearly 300% in the past 24 hours. Initially considered a dormant shitcoin, the token has resurrected from what seemed like obscurity.

However, despite the team’s lack of detailed information on its website,, the project earns a noteworthy reliability score of 89/100. It also boasts a community trust score of 95% on DEXTools. 

In addition, the token embraces the popular Chinese meme “biaoqing,” featuring an expressive face of a panda bear or animal. The coin’s resilience is evident in its historic market cap peak at $30 million, accompanied by a current daily volume of $47 million, per CoinMarketCap.

Biao price chart

Nevertheless, investors should exercise caution, given the four smart contract alerts flagged by DEXTools. Biaocoin’s recent surge, driven by social media engagement and notable volume, suggests a potential upside. However, prospective investors should approach with a prudent mindset, considering the associated risks.

According to the live price data on CMC, Biaocoin is currently priced at $0.000002, with a 24-hour trading volume of $3,497,672. Over the last 24 hours, Biaocoin has surged by an impressive 138.89%.

 In the current CoinMarketCap ranking, it holds the position of #2349, with a live market cap currently unavailable. The circulating supply remains undisclosed, and the maximum supply of BIAO coins is capped at 888,888,888,888.


Today, the Telegram crypto bridge X BRIDGE BOT ($XFER) witnessed a remarkable surge. The token soared by 154% in the past 24 hours, according to DEXTools. 

Furthermore, the token’s total market cap, which is approximately $240,000 and $88,000 in locked liquidity, highlights its growing prominence. Bullish sentiments are circulating, contemplating a potential return to its 2023 highs above $0.12. This indicates a prospective 5x rally from current levels.

 However, despite its upward trajectory, the token carries three smart security alerts, urging investors to be cautious. Also, Space Bridge Bot facilitates seamless asset bridging across digital spaces while prioritizing user privacy. 

In addition, XFER tokens, the native asset, are actively traded on decentralized exchanges, with Uniswap V2 (Ethereum) being a popular choice. The XFER/WETH trading pair on Uniswap reported a robust trading volume of $35,646.32 in the last 24 hours. 

Coingecko data indicates a 154.70% increase in X Bridge Bot’s trading volume, signaling a recent surge in market activity. Despite a 21.40% price increase in the last seven days, it remains noteworthy that caution is advised given the token’s smart security alerts. 

XFER price chart

However, since its all-time low in November 2023, the project has recorded a 362.07% increase. This surge underscores its resilience in outperforming the global cryptocurrency market and similar Ethereum Ecosystem cryptocurrencies.

In addition, Space Bridge Bot introduces a novel approach to crypto transactions by utilizing space-age technology within Telegram. It offers a decentralized solution for bridging assets across digital space. 

Moreover, with a commitment to privacy, the platform ensures enhanced confidentiality and security. It conducts transactions with maximum discretion to safeguard user’s personal information and transaction history.

Furthermore, the platform empowers users on their digital space journey by moving funds without requiring wallet connections. This reduces associated risks and instills confidence in every transaction.

In addition, the promise of the best rates through instant swaps adds to the appeal. Also, it guarantees a rewarding and secure experience. Space Bridge Bot’s mission is to provide a seamless, private, and accessible avenue for users to navigate the digital space confidently. This objective makes Space Bridge Bot an intriguing option for those seeking privacy-conscious and user-friendly crypto transactions.

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