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Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools – Arkham, Hoppy, Proof Of Pepe

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Cryptocurrencies keep being great investment opportunities for traders and investors. It comes in handy when other financial markets experience bad times. But when the market itself experiences turmoil, things can become very dicey.

While financial institutions such as central banks implement policies, crypto may bare the effect. But no matter how badly the market performs, there are always crypto assets giving some hope. Some of them can be found on the trending cryptos on DEXTools in various categories.

New crypto assets appear on the market scene almost daily. It is quite impossible to know which of them would win in the end but we prove available information to guide investors.

1. Arkham (ARKM)

Binance recently announced the completion of its Arkham Launchpad via Twitter. The crypto exchange said it will start 5 trading pairs with ARKM, Arkham’s native token. These pairs are ARKM/USDT, ARKM/BTC, ARKM/TUSD, ARKM/TRY, and ARKM/BNB.

There is a total supply of 1 billion ARKM tokens in the market. 50 million tokens were assigned to Binance at a pre-determined price of $0.05.

Binance introduced ARKM tokens for sale on the 11th of July. The token has seen huge demands since then. It got up to 114,454 users to commit over 10 million BNB tokens to it. The result was an overbought rate of 990 times.

Binance took the initiative to introduce a mechanism to limit how much ARKM investors can buy. This, it says, is to protect them from high volatility just in case it happens.

The maximum amount that can be spent on ARKM transactions in the first five minutes is capped at about $0.50. Trading will then proceed without restrictions after that time. Traders who trade ARKM/TUSD are also given the added benefit of not paying maker fees for now. This will encourage more trading activities in the ecosystem.

Through the subscription phase, Binance was said to have analyzed each user’s commitment. The allocation to each user was then based on their available BNB. Only 3 users achieved a hard cap of 300,000 ARKM, the rest was allocated fairly to the remaining users.

An hour after the allocation, the equivalent amount of BNB tokens will be removed from the users’ BNB balance. After the deduction, the remaining BNB tokens and their newly acquired ARKM tokens will be sent to each user’s wallet. This will ensure all users experience a smooth process.

Traders and investors are eager to engage in the new opportunity brought to them. Binance also shows that it prioritizes user experience by introducing the initial price limit.

2. Hoppy (HOPPY)

Another new crypto project on the block is Hoppy with the native token, HOPPY. The top trending crypto on DEXTools was inspired by Matt Furie’s 2004 creation, Hoppy the Frog. It is taking after Pepe coin which took the crypto market by storm when it launched.

According to CoinMarketCap, it is Pepe that took inspiration from Hoppy’s character rather than the other way around. Only a few people realize that Hoppy was the actual frog inspiration that started it all. Furie’s inspiration is said to have risen and ignited by Hoppy to bring Pepe into the light.

Although Hoppy does not have Pepe’s spread, it holds a special place in the heart of its creator. That special place is what the new memecoin hopes to leverage in the market. Hopefully, Hoppy will make such a significant impact as Pepe made and attract so much investment.

Hot pairs on DEXTools

Hot Pairs on DEXTools

3. Proof Of Pepe (POP)

Proof of Pepe is a blockchain platform recently built for the Pepe community. It was announced as a community-driven and decentralized ecosystem. The ecosystem is one that leverages the power of blockchain and meme technology as it plans to revolutionalize the means of engaging digital assets. Its feature and user-centric interface enable Proof of Pepe to become the preferred choice of memecoin lovers and creators.

The platform promotes itself through simplicity and being an honestly designed blockchain. It empowers those who believe in it with the power of Pepe. POP is only focused on introducing applications for the use of the Pepe community rather than making huge promises. According to the developers, most other projects make promises they can’t fulfill.

POP, at its core, is a blockchain that is optimized for memecoins and their respective communities. It aims to address the challenges memecoins face through the provision of efficient, scalable, and secure operational infrastructure. POP is powered by an algorithm that helps it provide faster transaction speed and improved scalability.

Another outstanding feature of the POP network is its governance model. It has a decentralized governance model that makes sure the community members are active participants in the network’s policies and development. Those who hold the POP token have access to vote and also suggest changes on the network. This makes sure that the network is inclusive and also democratic. The community drives every activity on the platform from feature addition to upgrades and content moderation.

Meme enthusiasts and creators are all empowered through the user-friendly POP platform. Users have enough room to unleash their designs and creativity with the templates and tools POP provides. The platform equally lets the community contribute by letting users submit templates. With that, content on the platform is always evolving and they exhibit diversity. Making a great source of memes.

The POP native token serves as the driving fuel of the platform. Explorers and anyone else can take a tour of the ecosystem if they have either PEPE or POP tokens. This puts both tokens at the frontline of Web3 innovations. The integration also paves the way to monetize the platform and ensure the ecosystem’s sustainability.

According to the project website, the team is thrilled to announce the Proof Of Pepe launch. It says it is a platform that celebrates meme coins’ power. Proof Of Pepe’s spokesperson said the team’s community-driven approach with the platform’s features will empower all meme creators. He said the community can redefine the way memes are made and used.

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto?

Inasmuch as new cryptocurrencies may tickle the fancy of investors and everybody else in the market, caution is also advised. Not just over new projects but existing ones too. The effect of the global economy is still taking a toll on the market and investors may want to be watchful.

While watching, there are categories of investment that are not touched by the ongoing indecisiveness. Crypto projects undergoing their presale are immune to market effects as they have not been listed on exchanges yet. 

The advantage this has for investors is that they have the opportunity of gauging the market’s sentiment toward those projects. Secondly, they are able to buy those projects at an early stage at cheap rates and save their money from immediate shock.

Importantly, crypto presale helps projects raise substantial funds before plunging into the market. The funds so raised are used to improve the project further.

DeeLance is the project to observe today. A Web3 platform that’s working to change the nature of work for freelancers. It is a space that promises equal opportunities and security for employers as well.

Apart from being a platform where freelancers and employers meet, it also features a metaverse where projects can be displayed as NFTs. Creators will display any category of their services to be seen by prospective clients. Employers can also set up interviews in the metaverse when they need to employ freelancers.

The promise of this new platform is that it will save freelancers from the burden of existing freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. They will have sufficient autonomy and privacy over their work and negotiation process without being usurped. In the same way, employers have better security guarantees in dealing with freelancers.

Selling at $0.048 in its last stage, the DeeLance presale has raised over a million dollars. Investors who have not keyed into the future of freelancing through DeeLance have only 12 days to go.

Visit DeeLance.

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