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Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools – AiDoge, Bacon Coin, Wrapped BTC

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The cryptocurrency market has been on a relatively good uptrend for a couple of days following the last market slide. The chaos that later ensued on the global financial scene as a result of darted inflation across various economies contributed to undermining the crypto market while it tried to stage a recovery.

Recent inflation and recession reports have sent investors and traders scrambling for a safe haven. This would naturally be the crypto market but its indecisiveness is almost leaving them in limbo. The trending cryptos on DEXTools feature assets of various categories that have fought hard through the market storm.

Now that new cryptocurrencies are created almost every hour, investors want to be sure of what they are putting their funds into. Some of these new assets will provide a respite to investors who may have lost their investments in earlier schemes. Some may, however, not live up to the expectations placed on them. There is then an urgent need for investors to decipher between beneficial and non-beneficial crypto investments. This is why any crypto project that promises analytic and predictive services will very likely have wide market support.

1. AiDoge (AI)

Memecoins have been taking the market by storm recently. This year has particularly seen the rise of a good number of them. Although some investors might consider some memecoins unpredictable, the case is different for some others such as AiDoge. As a matter of fact, its utility is what sets it apart from most other memecoins.

AiDoge is the intersection and beautiful weave of the internet culture and cutting-edge technology. It combines the worlds of memes and artificial intelligence seamlessly for them to serve users. The recently launched coin taps into the buzz surrounding artificial intelligence technology and bring it into the infectious fun of memes. Therefore, tech investors and meme lovers are given a joint and new perspective by AiDoge as it brings the two domains together.

Although AiDoge shares the quality of being a memecoin with others, it has a unique quality of integrating artificial intelligence. It enables users to generate any meme they desire simply by describing what they want. The system then goes ahead and gives them memes based on their description.

For those who invested in AiDoge during its presale phase, they have begun to count their profits. Another opportunity opened up a few days ago for those who missed out on the presale. Buy AiDoge tokens today to get in line for the promised dividends.

2. Bacon Coin (BACON)

According to design and as described by CoinMarketcap, Bacon is to anyone who buys crypto what mortgages are to banks and financial institutions. Users will be able to buy the HOME token anywhere they are and also benefit from the utility of mortgages which are supported by actual homes. Those users will also get benefits from the interest paid on those mortgages.

Users of the Bacon protocol stand to get rewarded with HOME tokens when they provide liquidity in the form of USDC on the protocol. Those who provide the loans are said to bridge the actual world to the Bacon protocol after they have vetted the prospective borrowers and the homes in question. They then proceed to register the liens, and afterward, they mint the NFTs representing the value of the home. 

Those who seek a housing loan are at liberty to use any mortgage firm they choose. As stated on CoinMarketCap, this token may turn out well for those in the real estate business.

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3. Encryption AI (0xEncrypt)

Crypto projects are always looking for better ways to launch their tokens. The pressure is constantly there for them to make it more remarkable than the last crypto launcher. This is where Encryption AI decided to come in. It sets out to provide an efficient and secure means for projects to launch their native tokens.

This platform has a LARP bot and a Telegram bot which are powerful tools useful for helping users to navigate the risks connected with launching tokens. The platform is committed to giving the best services available to its users. It is also in the continuous process of developing new updates that will improve its user experience.

It also has a bot that can add the Telegram of other projects that will enable developers to send funds to any wallet the bot provides. Whenever a particular percentage of the token is sent, the bot in charge swings into action to buy the tokens and burn them.

According to DEXTools, there are 425 holders of this token and its 24-hour trading volume is $51,640. It is relatively new and it is not certain which direction it will turn in the coming days or months. Investors can, however, throw in their hats for the benefit of helping new crypto projects launch on a better platform.

4. Wrapped BTC (WBTC)

Wrapped BTC is an effective way of bringing Bitcoin to the Ethereum blockchain. This new move creates a way for traders, decentralized apps, and institutional investors to have a bridge to Ethereum while they maintain their exposure to Bitcoin. The idea behind this is to bring the price value of Bitcoin to Ethereum and merge it with its programmability. 

WBTCs are ERC-20 tokens that have a parity with Bitcoin on a 1:1 basis. Now, traders can convert their Bitcoin to WBTC while using any available network to the public. WBTC can also be converted into BTC at any time by whoever. This will help users switch between BTC and WBTC easily to suit their investment needs at any time.

There are a number of reasons why users may want to convert their BTC into WBTC. For one, it gives access to Ethereum via integration. Ethereum’s ecosystem is the largest of all. So it invariably gives users access to a lot of other networks once BTC is converted to WBTC. This network includes decentralized apps, decentralized exchanges, smart contracts, and games.

WBTC users can also gain access to decentralized finance, lending, and borrowing protocols without having to trade their Bitcoin directly. This last reason is what has created so much momentum in the crypto market in recent times. 

Another advantage of WBTC is the scalability behind it. WBTC is built on Ethereum, it is, thus faster and cheaper. Users also have more transactions and storage options available to them through that means.

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto?

Aside from the loftiness of DEXTools assets, let’s take a dive into an ongoing presale coin that has kept shaking the crypto market in its early days. As most people would know, presales are a means of getting attention to an upcoming token before it actually gets listed on crypto exchanges.

Wall Street Memes has been showing the market what stuff it is made of and how it can generate returns for investors if they decide to invest in the project. 

The project has raised more than $11 million and it is still showing a lot of potential. The project plans to create a decentralized space for users to create and trade NFTs made of financial memes. This will bring a new means of viewing finance information. 

Investors will do the financial industry and themselves a lot of good by buying this token presale. Wall Street itself will become less of an aggressive force to deal buy it can be received with some level of fun and ease.

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