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Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools – 4CHAN, Pepe, AI-X

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The trending cryptos on DEXTools once again show the market’s trajectory is trying to gather momentum as influenced by external factors. New projects paired with existing tokens have high gain percentages and scores on the chart. This might be an indication that investors are pumping in lots of cash into these new projects.

They come at absolutely cheap prices so they can be accumulated as much as investors can afford. Investors’ spending power is what will eventually determine what category of assets they acquire and what quantity. What is going to matter in the end is how far these assets can hold out and how much returns they can give investors.

We will examine some leading assets with high potential for returns to investors. 

1. 4CHAN (4CHAN)

4CHAN is a memecoin issuer built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is also a community-driven network that is not controlled by any specific person. Its native token, 4CHAN, is an embodiment of all the things that makes the 4CHAN website the preferred playing space for those who always want to explore. It is also the space for memecoin lovers.

All the platform’s liquidity has been burned and its contract is tax-free. 4CHAN currently sells at $0.0000000000002873 as it is up by 2.43% today. It also has a 24-hour trading volume of over $7 million and a market capitalization of $22 million.

The 4CHAN website is the central point of utility for the token. Other associated activities come together to boast the crypto asset. Investors who are yet to invest in the network should take advantage of a relatively cheap opportunity to take part in the cryptocurrency world.

2. Pepe (PEPE)

PEPE coin has increased by up to 16% today from the last 24 hours. It has, thus, outperformed some market-leading coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

The general crypto market became largely green as a result of the new announcements of new crypto initiatives by some financial institutions. There arose some developments that worked in Pepe’s favor while it went on.

According to analytic reports, there are now 119,602 unique Pepe addresses. This shows that there has been an increase in the number of PEPE coin holders today than at the beginning of this month. 

PEPE is the cryptocurrency that grew exceptionally shortly after it was launched and gave so much hope to investors. It jumped by 7000% within a few days, making it one of the most outstanding crypto projects at that time.

PEPE’s good days are coming back and investors are encouraged to continue acquiring more of it to secure more returns.

3. AI-X (X)

The revolutionary AI-X blockchain is currently up by 56.22% over the last 24 hours and it is selling at $0.000000000115. The network is still committed to its plans of improving the financial industry with real innovations. It will aid speed, scalability and provide better security.

The development team is made up of expert blockchain and AI developers. They are dedicated to building the network such that it becomes autonomous. With that, it will be able to make intelligent decisions based on actual information from the market. The network also uses technologies based on the algorithmic analysis of the crypto market. It will be able to provide important insights to users and help them make smart investment decisions after predicting the market’s performance.

Hot Pairs on DEXTools

Hot Pairs on DEXTools

Further to its core features, the AI-X platform also has another feature for staking. The platform’s users can stake their X tokens and begin to generate passive income for themselves. The platform’s algorithm calculates every staker’s reward based on the number of X tokens they stake.

4. ApeCoin (APE)

The ApeCoin token, APE, is up by 7.79% right now and selling at $2.18. It came up to shock investors, observers, and the entire market after it fell by about 50%.

The coin went through a significant drop in the second quarter of the year and it was almost non-existent. While the crypto market keeps evolving, crypto enthusiasts and investors are monitoring every token’s performance with keen interest and waiting for signs of recovery in the ones that went down. As the concerns mounted though, many people wondered what the future held for ApeCoin. Some wondered if it was going to be trapped in the decline for a long time.

Now that the APE token is beginning to see the light of day again, the question is whether bulls can find more strength. This is because the asset’s price had dropped to unprecedented levels and no one saw such a sharp recovery coming.

The latest rally APE has seen puts it on the map again and much hope has been reignited. Frankly, the token’s 14-day chart is not reflecting the progress yet. It will take a while and some further price increases. Note that the bearish activities had an addition of a trendline that was a strong obstacle. It was going to be an obstacle to any price increase but it seems to be broken in part for now. 

Importantly, APE’s relative strength index shows a relative improvement from the lower high it had been exhibiting since January. This shows that there is more buying pressure around the coin now. The increased buying is one of the factors responsible for the latest price action.

The convergence of all these positive factors has reinforced some confidence for investors. It has also increased the possibility of APE rising to $3 and beyond in a matter of days. The current momentum just has to be sustained. As a matter of fact, there are speculations that it might rise to $10 before the end of this year. It will draw in many investments at that point, and give huge returns to early-stage investors.

Investors who are yet to invest in APE should do so now to have a stake in the next most trending crypto.

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto?

While all these tokens show their prospects to investors and beckon them for investment, there are also some others behind the scene. They equally have great opportunities for investors with the promise of good returns.

The presale token we want to examine here is Ecoterra.

The Ecoterra presale has been on for weeks and it has now raised more than $5.2 million. Currently selling at $0.00925, the price will increase at the next stage which starts in 8 days.

The project set out to help users commit to the recycling culture and fight global warming. They will also earn rewards all through the use of their mobile phones. Users are only required to scan the recyclable items and earn their rewards instantly.

While the project has raised so much money, it is scheduled to get listed on exchanges in the third quarter of this year. The app which users will operate with will also be launched by the end of the year.

The app will let users sell their earned rewards – ECOTERRA tokens – and they can also use it to advance any other eco-friendly revolution they want to embark on. The Ecoterra platform is built on Web3 and the concept it operates on is called Recycle2Earn.

The process for recycling is that after users have downloaded the Ecoterra app, they take their recyclable items to any location with a reverse vending machine. They then proceed to scan the barcode on the item and deposit it into the machine. The reverse vending machine is currently available at thousands of locations across the world.

The app is able to assign prices to various scanned items before their value is deposited in ECOTERRA into the user’s wallet.

Ecoterra is doing a remarkable job and it calls on every investor to join its revolution. 

Visit Ecoterra.

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