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Top Crypto Gainers Today, April 25 – FLOKI, NEXO, LHINU, DLANCE, CHZ, ECOTERRA, WOO

Top Crypto Gainers Today, April 25 - FLOKI, NEXO, LHINU, DLANCE, CHZ, ECOTERRA, WOO
Top Crypto Gainers Today, April 25 - FLOKI, NEXO, LHINU, DLANCE, CHZ, ECOTERRA, WOO

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Participants in the crypto market continue to wait for the stalemate between bulls and bears to resolve after Bitcoin rolled back under $30,000 last week. Analyst like Bluntz believes altcoins are in a precarious position, with some tokens expected to post deeper declines.

With that in mind, investors would be looking for select altcoins like’s top crypto gainers including Floki, Nexo, Chiliz (CHZ and Woo Network (WOO) to diversify their Q2 2023 crypto portfolios.

Meanwhile, altering portfolio composition with existing tokens may not be the only way to manage risk and ensure maximum return on investment.

Bitcoin is showing significant weakness, with losses likely to extend to $25,000 and $22,000 if push comes to shove. Ethereum erased all the gains accrued after the much-publicized Shapella upgrade.

The largest smart contracts token now trades at $1,820 with bulls banking on support at $1,800 as the springboard for the next recovery attempt above $2,000. Losing this support, on the other hand, could spell doom for Ether, as it is likely to plunge further, with $1,600 as the next support target.

That said, investors may want to consider soon-to-launch crypto ecosystems whose presales are underway. Up-and-coming projects like Love Hate Inu (LHINU), Ecoterra (Ecoterra), and DeeLance (DLANCE) have been rated the best crypto presales for 2023 by analysts at

Floki Price Explodes 32% On Binance.US Listing

Floki price climbed in a splendid firework move on Tuesday bolstered by the token’s new listing on Binance.US and the debut of staking on the testnet. Trading volume across exchanges increased by 2,015% combined to $265 million, with the token value surging by 32% to trade at $0.000038.

Binance.US, the American branch of the largest crypto exchange by daily trading volume, Binance has added support for FLOKI along with listings for two other meme coins, Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE).

Despite the 32% move in 24 hours, Floki still trades significantly below its all-time high of $0.0003 in November 2021. Floki exploded to this ATH after Elon Musk, Twitter’s CEO named his dog after the token in September 2021.

Floki has generally been on an uptrend this year and is up 63% in the last 12 months. Being a meme coin, it may be challenging for Floki to retain the gains accrued after listing on Binance.US.

However, the launch of staking features on the protocol’s testnet could aid in retaining Floki’s value. Floki holders will soon be able to lock tokens in the smart contract and earn rewards – a move that would significantly reduce selling pressure.

From the four-hour chart, we can see Floki trading marginally below a double-bottom pattern with a 43% breakout target to $0.00005785. Although momentum propelled Floki to $0.000047 early today, profit-booking activities trimmed the gains for the token to trade at $0.000038 at the time of writing.

A double-bottom pattern often signals a possible trend reversal. It appears as a “W” shape on a price chart, with two low points separated by a higher peak – see the chart below.

This pattern signifies that selling pressure has been absorbed and buyers are regaining control, potentially leading to an upward price movement.

Top Crypto Gainers Today, April 25 - FLOKI, NEXO, LHINU, DLANCE, CHZ, ECOTERRA, WOO
FLOKI/USD four-hour chart

Bulls must push Floki above the double-bottom pattern’s neckline resistance around $0.00004 to confirm the move to $0.00005785. If this breakout fails, Floki will likely settle for consolidation with support provided by the 200-day Exponential Moving Average (line in purple) at $0.000035.

Nexo Price Wakes Up But Is This a Bull Trap?

Nexo price is back in the green after topping up the token value by 3% in 24 hours to trade at $0.67 on Tuesday. Before this, NEXO struggled to hold support at $0.64 with declines attributed to dilapidated market conditions since late last week.

Support at $0.64 banked on the presence of an ascending trendline, with investors expecting the fresh bullish move to blast past the next resistance at $0.7 and $1, respectively.

Top Crypto Gainers Today, April 25 - FLOKI, NEXO, LHINU, DLANCE, CHZ, ECOTERRA, WOO
NEXO/USD four-hour chart

Unless Nexo bulls can tip the moving averages in their favor, including the immediate resistance by the 50-day EMA (line in red) at $0.6749, the 100-day EMA (line in blue) at $0.68 and the 200-day EMA (line in purple) at $0.6834, Nexo would be at a disadvantage with the likelihood of exacerbating the bearish outlook.

The Stochastic indicator (used by traders to identify trends) position in the overbought region implies that Floki’s uptrend may be in jeopardy and a pullback is around the corner.

Losing the immediate support at $0.67 could aggravate the bearish outlook, with Floki expected to dip back to $0.64. In such a move, investors may want to prepare for a longer retracement with the primary support between $0.5596 and $0.5793 in mind.

Love Hate Inu: Crypto Stake-to-Vote Meets Vote-To-Earn

Love Hate Inu is a sensational and innovative social media polling ecosystem inspired by the dog meme theme and powered by state-of-the-art blockchain technology. This platform allows users to participate in discussions and vote on some of the most hotly debated topics worldwide.

Love Hate Inu’s LHINU crypto token powers the platform, allowing users to express their opinions on polarizing figures such as Elon Musk, Cristiano Ronaldo, Donald Trump, and Andrew Tate.

With its unique fusion of meme coin hype, controversial current affairs, and clearly defined functionality, Love Hate Inu is expected to gain significant traction in 2023.

To demonstrate the platform’s potential, Love Hate Inu is currently hosting an off-chain voting contest with a chance to win $10,000.

Participants can cast their vote on whether they love or hate Andrew Tate by visiting the Love Hate Inu homepage and following the instructions under the “Vote for a Chance to Win $10,000” header.

LHINU token holders can stake their tokens to obtain a portion of the vote in each poll. The most exciting feature of this platform is its “vote-to-earn” mechanism, whereby token holders receive financial rewards in the form of LHINU tokens for participating in polls.

Poll creators supply these rewards, while users acquire more voting power based on the number of tokens they stake and the length of the vesting period.

Initially, Love Hate Inu will oversee poll creation on the platform. Shortly after its launch later this year, however, the platform will transition to a community-driven approach, allowing users to submit their own poll ideas through a Vote Submission platform.

The Love Hate Inu development team assures users that the voting system, built on blockchain technology, guarantees a fair, transparent, and secure process by preventing bot manipulation and vote spamming.

Love Hate Inu requires LHINU tokens to be staked for a minimum of 30 days to be eligible to vote, maintaining the platform’s integrity.

FOMO is spreading among investors with Love Hate Inu showing significant success in the presale a few months after its debut. The team has so far raised $6.47 million and expects to reach a higher milestone of $10 million soon.

The next stage of the presale is fast approaching, which means interested parties should act quickly as the token price will rise to $0.000135 in 9 days from the current $0.000125 paid for 1 LHINU token.

DeeLance: Using Web3 to Power the Freelance Marketplace

Since the onset of the pandemic, there has been a significant shift in the global workforce towards a more autonomous and user-centric work model.

A recent market report revealed that freelancers now make up 38% of the worldwide labor force. This surge can be attributed to the numerous benefits, such as increased flexibility, faster and more straightforward payments, and streamlined work processes.

However, existing platforms that connect freelancers and employers tend to be costly and inflexible.

DeeLance aims to resolve this problem with its innovative decentralized recruitment platform, bridging the gap between freelancers and recruiters.

The Web3 marketplace goes beyond simply connecting the two parties in a barrier-free environment, boasting an industry-low fee of just 2%, and it facilitates immediate payments through cryptocurrency.

Moreover, it secures clients’ funds in a completely backed escrow system. DeeLance also incorporates the concept of digital work ownership via non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into its platform.

To deter any copyright violations, freelancers can tokenize their work directly, with ownership transfer occurring only when the employer makes the payment. This is recorded on the DeeLance blockchain for transparency.

Additionally, DeeLance’s crypto ecosystem includes a metaverse feature, enabling employers to select top talent in a virtual reality setting.

Notably, the entire system is supported by a network token known as $DLANCE. Utilizing the Ethereum blockchain, this digital asset has experienced remarkable success during its presale phase.

The world’s most advanced token is still in its presale stages and is trading at $0.029 USDT per token. Early investors have already raised over $452,000 in just a few weeks but interested investors must hurry before the price per token increases to $0.033 in 19 days.

Chiliz Price At a Crossroads – Here’s What To Expect

Chiliz price is among the shining stars of the day after bouncing back from the weekend support at $0.1. Trading at $0.125 on Tuesday, there are mixed signals as to whether CHZ will sustain the uptrend or reverse the gains.

The crypto token known for its cutting-edge web3 innovations in the sports and entertainment industries, while improving fan engagement, must break and hold above resistance at the 50-day EMA as well as the 200-day at $0.1268 and $0.1310 to enhance investor confidence in the uptrend.

Top Crypto Gainers Today, April 25 - FLOKI, NEXO, LHINU, DLANCE, CHZ, ECOTERRA, WOO
CHZ/USD daily chart

The uptrend in CHZ is at the initial stages based on the Stochastic oscillator’s position above the oversold territory. If the trend indicator upholds the ongoing rebound into the neutral area, bulls will comfortably assume the reins to push for gains above the ascending parallel channel and consequently the 200-day EMA (line in purple) at $0.1434.

It is recommended that traders refrain from activating new buy orders until the MACD sends a buy signal. This call to buy into CHZ would manifest with the MACD line in blue flipping above the signal line in red.

Investors should take decisions keeping in mind the ascending parallel channel. Chiliz will be at a higher chance of reaching highs at $0.16 if the channel’s support holds in place.

However, trading below the same pattern would call for more losses, as CHZ is likely to activate a bear flag pattern amid risks of sliding below $0.1.

Ecoterra – Promoting Recycling Habits for Consumers and Businesses

The growing fascination with Ecoterra comes as no surprise, considering the heightened worldwide emphasis on environmental sustainability and tackling climate change.

Ecoterra aligns seamlessly with market demands as it aims to promote recycling habits among both consumers and businesses.

The Recycle-2-Earn app by Ecoterra provides incentives for users to engage in recycling and ecological activities aimed at positively impacting the environment.

The Web3 app also serves as a gateway to recycled material and carbon offset markets while enabling users to monitor their eco-friendly actions through an impact profile.

Ecoterra has experienced solid backing for its presale in German-speaking countries (the DACH region), where there is a strong commitment to building a sustainable economy based on renewable energy and recycling.

The project has already begun incorporating popular consumer brands, such as Vittel, San Pellegrino, Heineken, Pepsi, Fanta, Peroni, Evian, and Dr. Pepper, into its app’s database of scannable recyclable items.

A collaboration with supermarket chain Delhaize (Lion) further enhances Ecoterra’s prospects for success.

Delhaize has a presence in Europe, North America, and Asia, offering reverse vending machines (RVMs) in their stores that accept recyclables and let users earn rewards through the Recycle-2-Earn app.

As the recycling industry is projected to reach an $88 billion valuation by 2030, Ecoterra is well-positioned to make a considerable difference in the market.

The project’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy is anticipated to draw more attention, possibly generating significant returns for early investors.

Ecoterra also stands out due to its creative application of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for monitoring and trading ecologically-conscious actions.

By transforming ecological activities into tradable NFTs, the platform encourages users to make positive environmental contributions.

With $2.28 million raised in the presale and within a few months of its debut, Ecoterra is one of the best new crypto tokens to consider for portfolio diversification.

Investors should hurry to buy 1$ECOTERRA token for $0.000625 before the price rises again in the next stage, arriving in four days.

Woo Network Sweeps Through Liquidity – Time to Buy?

WOO, the native token on Woo Network, a decentralized platform that facilitates cross-chain transactions and enables the creation of decentralized applications dropped suddenly after recovering to $0.35 around mid-April.

Bulls hoped to arrest the bearish outlook at $0.3 but market conditions worsened since last week. WOO’s declines overshot another lower support at $0.26 to trade at $0.2499 on Tuesday.

The 50-day EMA (line in red) at $0.2375 is aiding in mitigating the pessimistic for Woo Network, otherwise, the token may be forced to seek relief toward $0.2 if not at the ascending trendline.

Top Gainers Today, April 25 - FLOKI, NEXO, LHINU, DLANCE, CHZ, ECOTERRA, WOO
WOO/USD daily chart

WOO is still in a precarious position based on the MACD as the momentum indicator drops toward the mean line at 0.00. If traders heed the call to sell WOO, the path with the least resistance is bound to remain on the downside, with declines likely to carry on below $0.2.

Key levels investors may need to keep in mind going forward are $0.17 and $0.14, on the downside, and $0.30 and $0.35 to the upside.

Woo Network stands out among its peers for solving the interoperability problem by providing a secure, efficient, and scalable environment for digital asset management. Its native token, WOO, is used for governance and staking purposes.

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