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Top 5 Cryptocurrencies With the Biggest Potential 

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Investing in cryptocurrencies is easy. However, making the best investment without a time-tested strategy can be incredibly hard. Luckily for you, this list offers a glimpse at the top cryptocurrencies you can buy now or put on your watchlist.  

Every nominee below went through an intensive nomination process that has identified those with the most potential to make moves in the cryptocurrency market. Newer cryptocurrencies capitalize on the vibrant user base to market their generally reliable infrastructure to become strong alternatives for Bitcoin (BTC). You are welcome to invest in these five cryptocurrencies that are well-positioned for growth potential.  

Gold Secured Currency (GSX) 

Whenever Bitcoin and the entire crypto market go haywire, stablecoins often become the gold-standard in the eyes of every investor. The Gold Secured Currency provides a way investors can go long on the fear of a volatile market. This top cryptocurrency is hosted on Apollo’s Blockchain, which boasts several technological achievements, including sharding, security, and speed. GSX is the world’s only quantum secured stablecoin, which means it would not be affected when the technology arrives.  

In such times of uncertaintyGold Secured Currency will thrive, given that it is backed by both gold and gold-rich lands. GSX holders can also benefit from the yearly dividends as the trust beneficiaries and legal owners of all land rights, mining operations, and mining assets. After CDE, 50% of the unsold coins will be burned while the value of the remaining redistributed to the surviving coins increases in value almost immediately. True to its form, GSX coins will be redeemable for their gold value. 

Continuous audit by third-party agencies will help GSX holders gain confidence in the size of the gold reserve. Unlike other options, GSX combines the best elements of stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, and investment coins to offer the best value. The Gold Secured Currency is currently on pre-sale, and you can buy it for a 50% bonus at 

Apollo Currency (APL) 

While the shorter supply of the precious metal bolsters the value of GSX, technological superiority makesApollo currency the best investment. APL is built on the Apollo Blockchain, which is the first blockchain to implement database level sharding. Since it is built on the world’s only sustainable blockchain, APL is the most feature-rich cryptocurrency in the world. The coin boasts amazing proprietary technologies, such as sharding, adaptive forging, node synchronization, Apollo atomic swaps, Apollo updater, and many more.  

Apollo currency is the fastest cryptocurrency capable of 2-second transactions. It is also the first Dapp network that will soon offer limitless storage. APL has some of the largest use cases in cryptocurrencies, including government and commercial use cases up to the national bank level. The token system built on the first blockchain to add true quantum resistance will allow virtually anyone to create an advanced token in seconds without complex code.  

Users can use APL to send and receive private and public transactions. It is worth mentioning that the best exchange to buy the Apollo Currency is  

Stellar Lumens (XLM) 

XLM is another cryptocurrency that is poised for exponential growth. Stellar is an open-source distributed payment infrastructure that takes a more streamlined approach to international money transfers, including remittance payments. Today, the network facilitates fast, affordable, and reliable transfer capabilities compared to BTC.  

The frictionless cross-border payments sector is a competitive market that few in the cryptocurrency market are approaching successfully. Compared to Ripple (XRP), Stellar takes an individual approach to market its services rather than the institutional approach that XRP has favored with incredible success. Moreover, Stellar connects institutions through international consortiums and entities from all corners of the world.  

Cardano (ADA) 

Many people think that Cardano is objectively far better than Bitcoin. Cardano is just another blockchain using the Proof-of-Stake algorithm. Its growth potential is in its approach. Several peer-reviewed papers have been published and consist of a large university affiliation from the best institutions in the world working on this project.  

In the meantime, ADA, the platforms native currency, has been racking some huge gains. Cardano is set to have the next best smart contracts system with an identity standard, achieving true interoperability and a multi-asset standard. This is everything needed to meet future demand, as cryptocurrencies and smart contracts make global adoption.  

Ripple (XRP) 

Ripple is a crypto that needs no introduction. The company is a payment settling, remittance system, and asset exchange network designed for institutional customers like banks and government entities. The idea is to create a network for real-time, cost-effective, transparent, and secure transfers compared to the current option used by banks, SWIFT.  

XRP, which is the cryptocurrency powering Ripple’s infrastructure, is used to facilitate the transfer. This allows Ripple to avoid the currency exchange fees incurred when using the US dollar. Besides, by converting to XRP first, Ripple can process payments in seconds rather than days. One key difference to BTC, 100 billion XRP were created at inception instead of creating coins as rewards for labor offered.  


There are three issues cryptocurrency need to pin-point for growth potential, namely, Dapps infrastructure, sustainable blockchains, and stores of values. The uptrend for cryptos that address these issues remains intact. 

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