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Top 3 Presales To Get In Right Now – 25x Potential

Top 3 Presales To Get In Right Now
Top 3 Presales To Get In Right Now

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There are presently three new blockchains on presale, and each of them has the potential to become the cryptocurrency industry’s next big thing. This project has the opportunity to provide extraordinary returns of 25x in the event that the initiative becomes successful and is listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Ecoterra – Blockchain-enabled green initiatives

Ecoterra is a financial strategy using blockchain technology to protect the environment from the severe consequences of climate change. This outstanding green Web3 project, which is currently on presale and has raised over $4.4 million, keeps getting a lot of attention.

At the Istanbul Blockchain Summit, it was recognized for its efforts towards creating a sustainable environment. The green initiative looks to have gained new momentum as a result of this award. Ecoterra claims that it is the first blockchain-based ecosystem that combats climate change by rewarding users and companies for recycling.

Ecoterra‘s Recycle2Earn application allows users to gain tokens for performing actions beneficial to the environment. Compensating one’s own carbon footprint is the primary objective of the platform, with the ultimate goal of allowing users to have a measurable effect on the world around them.

Earning $ECOTERRA through item scanning and recycling allows the user to either invest in or utilize the token for green initiatives. The total circulation of this coin is 2 billion tokens, with 50% being made accessible during the presale.

Ecoterra is currently on its stage 7 presale with a price of $0.0085, and the value of each token will go up to $0.00925 when the stage moves on to the next level. There will be nine presale stages in total, with the last one selling for $0.01.

The presale is expected to end on June 19th, with the IEO following soon after. However, this may finish earlier than planned if the $6.7 million hard cap is achieved before the set closing date of the presale. See our guide to the greenest cryptos to invest in here.

Invest in $ECOTERRA at

yPredict – World’s first all-in-one AI ecosystem

yPredict, the AI-driven project, reaches the $1.9 million mark through its ongoing presale phase, which has caught investors’ attention. The investment community overall has shown a significant amount of interest in this presale due to the beneficial applications that yPredict offers, all of which are focused on crypto analytics.

According to the yPredict whitepaper, the platform will provide crypto traders with an extensive range of tools and features that are meant to give users an advantage over other traders in the market.

Automated chart pattern detection, real-time investor sentiment monitoring, AI-driven trading signals, and cutting-edge technical indicators are just a few of yPredict’s most promising features.

Traders will be able to subscribe to sophisticated prediction models that have been established by professionals in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). yPredict will also feature a marketplace that has been custom-built.

Traders are required to purchase and hold $YPRED, which is yPredict’s native ERC-20 token, in order to be granted access to these models. The increasing investor buzz surrounding yPredict is rippling out into the world of social media due to the platform’s many advantages.

With over 18k followers, yPredict’s official Twitter page has seen a meteoric rise in popularity, while the project’s Telegram channel has grown to over 30k active users.

Some notable figures in the cryptocurrency community have taken note and even released a video highlighting yPredict’s potential and the opportunity to profit from a hypothetical 20x increase. See our guide to the best AI crypto coins to buy now here.

Interest in yPredict’s presale has surged as a result of strong support from crypto enthusiasts and influencers, suggesting the project is worth investing in. Early investors are able to purchase $YPRED tokens at a price of $0.09 each, which is 33.33% lower than the projected exchange listing price of $0.12 per token.

Invest in $YPRED at

Launchpad XYZ – A one-stop-shop Web 3 platform

Launchpad XYZ is a brand-new blockchain project that provides real-time market information, analytics, and sentiment, along with a one-stop Web 3.0 dashboard, and this all-in-one Web3 hub delivers an appealing crypto presale prospect with its own native $LPX coin. Guide on how to buy LPX token here.

At nearly $800k raised at this point, the presale is clearly picking up steam. With its current value of $0.0445, the $LPX token’s price will rise to $0.046 in the next stage of the presale, prompting industry experts to advise securing tokens in anticipation of a further cost gain.

Launchpad XYZ’s goal is to develop an easy-to-use design for the Web3 system, as mentioned in the whitepaper that it has released. The platform’s goal is to make the complex world of Web3 technology more approachable to newcomers by putting a value on simplifying the user’s knowledge of blockchain technology.

Launchpad XYZ also hopes to encourage long-term token ownership by giving token holders access to special features like lower fees and discounts from strategic partners in exchange for their token stakes. Its metaverse library and gaming portal are also part of its future plans to open up the metaverse and Web3 game worlds to users.

Users have, for a considerable amount of time, been searching for one source that could provide all of the information that was essential to their needs. Launchpad XYZ is proving to be the ideal kind of platform for the development of the cryptocurrency market. Visit our Launchpad price prediction here.

Invest in $LPX at


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