TNC Mainnet Prepping to Launch New Blockchain Platform

The VeChain Foundation Partners With Cyprus’ Grant Thornton
The VeChain Foundation Partners With Cyprus’ Grant Thornton

TNC Mainnet, the platform maintained by TNC IT Group, is now “on its final stage of migration testing,” according to a press release from the group.

This upgraded network is “engineered to integrate a higher volume of transactions-per-second (TPS) compared to the existing blockchains in the market. TNC’s mainnet claims to perform transactions with an impressive speed of 300,000 TPS,” the release notes.

Since the mainnet is almost ready for launch, the platform is getting ready for faster transactions to support it.

Speaking on the matter is Jason Jang, the Co-Founder and Executive Director of TNC Mainnet, who said:

“Our new blockchain project will exceed all users’ expectations. It would offer a top-tier service to companies and users. Moreover, we expect it to drive the value of TNC Coin.”

TNC is very confident in launching a next-generation blockchain infrastructure that can fully support a growing ecosystem for the TNC community — without the need to depend on other chains or upgrade to better TPS.”

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