Tierion and Philips Bring Blockchain Technology To Healthcare Sector

Tierion and Philips Bring Blockchain Technology To Healthcare Sector
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Blockchain technology is an exciting field right now, as multiple companies and institutions all over the world are working on projects to harness this innovative protocol. Tierion, a company specializing in collecting data and recording it in the blockchain, recently announced the completion of their first project with the Philips Healthcare group.

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Tierion and Philips HealthCare Embrace Blockchain TechnologyBitcoinist_Philips Healthcare

At the time of publication, not too many details regarding the partnership between Tierion and Philips Healthcare group were made available to the public. According to a tweet sent out by the official Tierion Twitter account, the first joint project between both companies has been completed, and more information will be unveiled in 2016.

Philips Healthcare is specialized in connecting hundreds of millions of devices in operation in the world of healthcare. Transforming patient healthcare is drastically needed, although this process will take some time to come to fruition. Embracing blockchain technology will help achieve this goal a lot sooner than people might expect.

Over the years, Philips Healthcare has made some interesting breakthroughs in the sector. Making healthcare more accessible – and affordable – to people in developing countries is a major notch in the belt for this company. But that is not all, as real-time patients’ health information monitoring is one of the top priorities as well.

Unlike most healthcare companies or institutions, Philips Healthcare is people-focused, and values patient feedback more than anything. Making a meaningful impact on the everyday lives of healthcare patients around the world leads to greater innovation in this sector.

One of the company’s most notable breakthroughs comes in the form of an app-based ultrasound solution, which is quite simple and flexible. Lumify, as the system is called, can be download as an application on smart device, to which the user can then connect toe Lumify transducer. This gives users quick and high-quality imaging services without having to visit a treatment center.

All of the products and services offered by Philips Healthcare can benefit from blockchain technology integration, which is where Tierion comes into the picture. Innovative solutions gather a lot of real-time information but storing that data in centralized solutions is not the answer. Tierion can provide blockchain-based data solutions to any company in different industries.

Revolutionizing Healthcare With The BlockchainBitcoinist_blockchain Technology

Other than the financial world, healthcare seems to be the biggest industry to benefit from blockchain technology right now. Patient records and information should be kept confidential at all times, yet centralized databases and file cabinets are no longer a viable option. Blockchain technology offers a viable alternative, which is completely transparent while also respecting user privacy.

In the past, we have seen incidents where confidential patient information was leaked due to internal errors. Events like these should never transpire in the first place, but they also teach us a valuable lesson. By adopting new and innovative technology, such as the blockchain, security and recordkeeping will be improved over time.

What are your thoughts on using blockchain technology in the healthcare sector? How would you implement this innovative protocol? Let us know in the comments below!

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