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This Hidden Bitcoin Price Signal May Have the Most Impact This Year

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Should I BUY Bitcoin now
Should I BUY Bitcoin now

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In advance of Bitcoin‘s return to its 100-day moving average after a long break since late April, Bitcoin Tracking ETFs and blockchain funds are seeing green candles.

The price of Bitcoin has now rallied 4.7% on Monday and is up 11.4% since the end of August, which has contributed to the rally in exchange traded funds.

ETFs that hold Bitcoin futures contracts, and in some cases the shares of companies and other ETFs active in the cryptocurrency space are major beneficiaries of this positive growth. While Bitcoin ETFs don’t own Bitcoin because the Exchange Commissions are concerned about BTC being traded on unregulated crypto exchanges, talks are underway to include crypto-ETFs on the same scale as other ETFs.

Buy Bitcoin Now

Your Capital is at Risk.

Why Bitcoin ETF’s ?

In comparison to owning Bitcoin on a wallet or on cryptocurrency trading platforms, there are a number of reasons why people prefer Bitcoin ETFs, as:

1. Portfolio Diversification:

An ETF is able to possess several assets simultaneously. A Bitcoin ETF could hold anywhere from an actual BTC to Bitcoin-related stocks or other assets as part of the whole fund.

2. Convenience:

Learning how to use a crypto wallet maybe difficult and this is where a Bitcoin ETF saves users from such hassle. They don’t need to learn how to use a crypto wallet and it also saves users from the hassle of opening accounts at different crypto exchanges. This also leads to less KYC formalities undergone. Due to its nature, it can be held with a minimum of attention since it is more like a crypto mutual fund.

3. Security:

BTC is not owned directly by users; through investment vehicles they are familiar with or tax rules they know, they are gaining price exposure without owning the actual coin.

What are the Market Trends Regarding Bitcoin ETF’s and Crypto Funds ?

Crypto ETFs are easier to hold and invest in rather than a raw or spot cryptos. As opposed to actively trading spot digital currencies, which requires a certain amount of technical knowledge in order to do, investors trade shares through brokerage firms, which do not require a great deal of technical knowledge. They are less risky since they are issued by regulated companies, and offer brokerage accounts.

ETFs that hold cryptocurrency or Bitcoin are more expensive to trade and hold than spot crypto due to management fees and other charges. Fees or expense can reach as high as 2.5%. Spot crypto has very low trading fees. A majority of ETFs are currently invested in Bitcoin futures, some stocks, and none are currently invested in spot crypto except index funds and trusts. Exposure to blockchain stocks is currently more profitable.

What are Some Top-Rated Bitcoin ETF’s and Crypto Funds ?

There are several ETFs and crypto funds that users may opt for. Investors may also directly buy Bitcoin from platforms such as eToro at low fees. As of now ETFs such as ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO) Exchange and Grayscale Bitcoin Trust or GBTC Exchange are some that are highly preferred by investors.


It is highly recommended that those interested in buying Bitcoin ETFs work with a financial advisor. Because you are unfamiliar with investing in crypto ETFs, stocks, and cryptos, or because you are not one yourself. Find advisors and crypto ETFs that are relevant to your area using one of the many free online tools available.

When looking at how to buy Bitcoin ETFs, use professional investment strategies such as those used to evaluate how investments will perform over time. Consider other aspects of crypto ETFs, such as fees, minimal investment, and returns.

Buy Bitcoin Now

Your Capital is at Risk.

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