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The U.S. SEC Takes Action Against Sushi DAO And Its Executives

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The U.S. SEC Takes Action Against Sushi DAO And Its Executives
The U.S. SEC Takes Action Against Sushi DAO And Its Executives

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A new update shared by Sushi DAO revealed the organization received a subpoena from the US Securities and Exchanges Commission. The report also revealed that Sushi DAO’s CEO, Jared Grey, received a subpoena from the SEC. This development marks the SEC’s latest move on DAOs after previous crackdowns last year.

United States regulators are tightening their grip on crypto given the increased rate at which they go after firms lately. Over the past few months, several cryptocurrency exchanges, DAOs, and firms have witnessed enforcement actions from US State regulators, SEC and CFTC.

Sushi DAO Proposes Legal Defence Funds In Response To the SEC’s Move

While the decentralized autonomous organization said it is working with the SEC, it is also preparing its defense strategy against the regulator. The March 21 tweet revealed that Sushi has proposed to set up a 3 million USDT legal defense fund to cater to legal costs for its core contributors.

According to Sushi’s report, US regulators seem determined to frustrate the DeFi establishment while the regulatory environment for DAO remains cloudy. The report disclosed that contributors have limited insurance policies without the capacity to protect them from legal issues. By setting up the legal defense funds, Sushi would be ready for what comes next. The fund would cover legal costs on litigation, inquiries, and other issues that might target core contributors. 

Previously, Sushi proposed a legal structure in March 2022 to establish a legal entity. The legal entity would reduce liability for Sushi DAO and its contributors. The recent subpoenas have prompted the DAO to see the need to reserve funds for handling legal requirements while the organization’s operations remain functional. 

DAO community decisions always move with votes, and Sushi’s new legal fund proposal is no exception. Most of the community has already voted for the legal defense fund, with about 70% nodding. However, the proposal came in less than 24 hours ago, so the outcome remains unclear.

Although Sushi seems prepared for what’s coming, evident in its legal defense fund proposal, news of the subpoenas would likely affect its governance token, SUSHI. Since the crypto community often responds quickly to news, this development is bound to rub negatively on SUSHI. 

Data from CoinMarketCap daily charts shows that SushiSwap (SUSHI) has witnessed an 8.24% price decline over the past seven days. The token price has increased by 1.04% over the past 24 hours, with a 0.55% decline on the hourly chart. It is still uncertain whether this news would push the token further down.

DAOs Appear Under US Regulatory Scrutiny

United States regulators have embarked on a spree of enforcement actions on crypto firms, especially cryptocurrency exchanges, these past months. However, it seems DAOs have also come under their radar. 

In September 2022, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) took enforcement action against Ooki DAO. The commission alleged that Ooki’s operations are illegal and that the DAO violated exchange-trading and registration requirements while offering unregistered crypto derivatives.

Ooki and Sushi are not the only DAOs that appeared under the US regulator’s radar. Earlier in March, the SEC went after CryotoFed DAO, a legally recognized decentralized autonomous organization in the US. 

However, CryptoFed’s executives expressed resilience in their statement. The officials noted they were not afraid of the SEC’s actions against the DAO since the case might end in their favor.

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