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The TNC Group: Empowering and Building Up Blockchain Firms 

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Unity in an industry is a concept that not many economic sectors can identify with. However, prospective enterprises looking to partake in the benefits that come with the blockchain technology could be in for a treat, thanks to the nifty innovation of the TNC Group. TNC is a blockchain platform that seeks to unite the blockchain industry. More realistically, however, it is a blockchain networking facilitator with a bit of a twist to it. TNC looks out for promising blockchain-based enterprises helps them get on a strong footing.  Think of it as a Y-Combinator for blockchain startups.

Companies that join the TNC Group enjoy comprehensive support and input, including financial support, investment developer support, the implementation of effective blockchain strategies, legal services, and others.

Based in Dubai, TNC has invested in some notable projects including $5 million in the BuyAladdin project from the ABBC Foundation. The investment was used to develop quick and secure crypto transactions, as well as ensuring protection from security threats for the project. What kind of services does TNC offer? Essentially, TNC helps with the following aspects:

Blockchain company meeting

As part of their mission to help unify this nascent industry, TNC conducts meetings with several blockchain startups and looks to add to its clientele. Whether through acquisitions or mergers, TNC sets out to bring these companies into its network and provide them with its suite of services.

Developer connections

Understaffed companies within the TNC ecosystem are able to take advantage of the company’s depth of developers to find suitable talent that can help move their companies forward.  In addition to that, TNC keeps a lookout for companies looking to add blockchain technology into their infrastructure, contacts them, and helps make the process as seamless and easy as possible.

Blockchain consulting

A report by Hackernoon earlier this year detailed that one of the reasons why blockchain companies fail is a lack of appropriate evaluation methodologies. Most of these companies have no way of discerning what the state of their businesses are, and they end up closing up shop due to an inability to fact check. 

To avoid such a scenario, TNC provides the companies under its tenancy with thorough consulting and evaluation services. TNC’s blockchain solution services are available to both the company’s clients and its employees. With expertise in running blockchain companies through the provision of technical and management insights, TNC has been instrumental in the growth of the foremost names within the blockchain industry. 

Total blockchain solutions

Prospective blockchain companies that want to get their companies off the ground are welcome to work with TNC. The blockchain industry has continued to curry attention from the general public, and this increased attention has spurred the establishment of more companies. For those who plan on entering the industry, as well as companies that will like to integrate the blockchain into their infrastructure, you won’t find a better partner to navigate the murky waters for you than the TNC Group.

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