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The Prizes for the Lucky Block NFT Competitions Have Arrived and They Are Enormous!

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

NFT Competition Platform Lucky Block
NFT Competition Platform Lucky Block

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In order to build a platform that is both provably fair and very efficient in terms of rewards distribution, the Lucky Block Crypto team has been relying on blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Users will benefit greatly from this change because it does away with the lengthy wait times and costly costs that are associated with using some other platforms.

More on Lucky Block’s Token

The LBLOCK token, which is unique to the platform, adheres to the ERC standard and is presently traded on some of the top centralized exchanges in the world, including, Lbank and MEXC.

With the announcement of a monthly Lucky Block burn program beginning on September 30th and other exchange listing announcements expected in the coming months, the LBLOCK currency presents almost as much promise as the projects it competes with.

What Do You Get When You Invest In Lucky Block?

With an NFT obtained from, you’ll be able to take part in any of the tournaments help on the Lucky Block platform. The NFT’s price and total must reflect the relative value of the prizes on offer. Each Lucky Block NFT has a unique design and number that act as a pass into the game.

In addition to the standard contests, the platform’s “Platinum Contests” are open to anybody who has obtained all of the Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club prizes. These NFTs, available for the low, low price of 3.75 BNB, will grant the buyer entry into future Platinum Competitions, one of which will feature a $300,000 Lamborghini as the grand prize.

There are even more fascinating prizes than the ones that are already mind-bogglingly impressive for those who join the Platinum Rollers Club.

Other prizes for ongoing competitions include a rare Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT worth tens of thousands of dollars, a 5-star all-expenses paid vacation, a beautiful $1 million luxury house, and a massive amount of Bitcoin worth $1 million. These prizes are in addition to the Lamborghini, which is the grand prize for the competition.


Final Word

Keep in mind that Lucky Block is only getting started, even though the rewards that are now available are already more than enough to make significant changes in people’s lives. The initiative will continue to run competitions with a wide variety of rewards that are priced to accommodate users of all financial means.

In addition, Lucky Block is renowned for being the only venue for tournaments in which every participant emerges victorious. This is due to the fact that owners of any Lucky Block non-fungible token are eligible to receive a piece of the rewards pool on a daily basis. As a result, each non-fungible token issued by Lucky Block confers long-term value on the person who has it, even after a tournament has come to an end.

As a cryptocurrency, let alone a competitive platform, there aren’t many ventures that can compete with Lucky Block’s success. Considering that the venture has already provided its supporters with a significant amount of benefit and that things are only going to improve from here on out, checking out Lucky Block right now could be the smartest thing any investor could do all of this year.

Another important thing for investors to note is that there is one crypto that you should definitely watch out for is Tamadoge. With a super successful presale and every major listing on the verge of listing this token, it’s the next big thing waiting to happen and its available at a discounted rate even as of today.

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