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The Crypto Show With Erik Voorhees, Jeff Garzik, Steve Beauregard And Caleb Slade

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This week we’re honored to catch up with some great guests at 2 fantastic crypto events. At Denver Startup Week we caught up with Erik Voorhees of Shapeshift, Keepkey and a long list of other key projects that helped get crypto off the ground. Also at Denver Startup Caleb Slade Co-Founder of Salt Lending shares what’s on the horizon for Salt and Denver in the Blockchain space. In Phoenix at the Nexus Earth Conference 2 great guests’ in Jeff Garzik and Steve Beauregard both of whom are part of BLOQ and SpaceChain. Jeff being well known for his contributions to the Bitcoin source code and Steve as a visionary entrepreneur both give great insight about the bright future of this industry.

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