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Splinterlands Overtakes Axie Infinity in Terms of Popularity

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Splinterlands Overtakes Axie Infinity
Splinterlands Overtakes Axie Infinity

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While the general crypto market is down, the gaming blockchain is still gathering steam. New crypto games have entered the field, and the crypto crowd is still excited. One of them, Splinterlands, has overtaken Axie Infinity in terms of popularity. Check out the whole story.

Axie Infinity has seen many ups and downs this year (mostly downs). First, the hack happened earlier this year that put a big question mark on its security features. It has also come under fire due to what many crypto experts say is an unsustainable economy. That said, there is love lost about this play2earn game even in this market, but there is another that has overtaken it, taking the stop spot: Splinter lands.

Splinterlands Tops Blockchain Gaming Charts

Blockchain gaming is becoming a competitive space where, interestingly, the games that have just entered the scene are making the most headway. In this instance, there is contention between Splinterlands and Alien Worlds for the number one spot in Blockchain gaming. In many cases, Alien Worlds is still a bit ahead. However, looking at the weekly activity chart tells us a different story.

There was a sudden drop of 10% in Alien Worlds’ player base. Although not a major concern, it does post some questions about the fate of crypto games.

While the player base of Alien Worlds declined, Splinterlands gained new players. There are more than 320000 unique active wallets with Splinterlands which puts it ahead of many competitors – including Axie Infinity.

While the rankings and numbers can change as time goes by, it would be interesting to see how Axie Infinity can climb from the current bearish sentiments.

Axie Infinity is still holding On

The impact of the bear market can be clearly seen on Axie Infinity as it has been slipping in player counts since last month. According to, the number of players active on Axie Infinity is 766,804, while the live players are just 183,476. The number of live players dropped from 200k last week, which is lower than the 368k players the week before.

However, there is some bullish news about gaming crypto. At the time of writing, Axie Infinity has deployed an update to origin to remove certain bugs and make improvements to the general game, including:

  1. New password requirements
  2. Improvements in certain game mechanics

Due to this and other developments last week, Axie Infinity still is ahead of games like Farmers World and Gameta.

Battle Infinity is another Game to Watch out for

Another game that has been making rounds is Battle Infinity, a fantasy sports game within the blockchain ecosystem. The project is currently undergoing a pre-sale that will last for 87 days. Crypto YouTubers like Jacob Crypto Bury are especially bullish about it and say that the price might surge dramatically once the pre-sale is over.

Blockchain Gaming continues to attract attention

While the general sentiment in the crypto market is bear, Blockchain gaming has been giving bullish signals, with more and more venture capitalists pouring money into the ecosystem.

Considering that, it would be wise to see where games like Splinterlands might land in the future.

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