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Spanish Lawmakers Receive BTC In “Crypto For Congress”-like Project

It was just earlier this week when the Chamber of Digital Commerce had sent $50 in Bitcoin (BTC) to every US senator and representative of the country. Taking inspiration from this, Spain-based crypto advocates have opted to do the same.

A Good Plan, Original Or Not

ABC, a Spanish newspaper outlet, made a report yesterday that showed that the Congress of Deputies, the lower house of Spain, had all of its deputies receive exactly 1 Euro in BTC. This stands as part of a campaign by Tutelles, a tokenized education technology platform, working alongside Observatorio Blockchain, a crypto news site.

This campaign stands as one quite similar to that of the Crypto for Congress campaign launched in the US. However, it’s not quite clear if it’s coincidence or inspiration.


Trying To Highlight The Uses And Functions of Crypto

Crypto For Congress, which was announced on Monday, saw the Chamber of Digital Commerce, a crypto advocacy group, announced that it was sending $50 in BTC to every member of Congress in the US. Obviously, with such a low amount of donation, the idea wasn’t to bribe any of them.

Instead, the campaign plans on helping lawmakers understand the finer details of how cryptocurrency actually works. Alongside this money, the Chamber of Digital Commerce had sent a suite of educational training tools to every congress member regarding Bitcoin.

In the same vein, Miguel Caballero, the founder of Tutellus, gave a small explanation to the Deputies of Spain. He stated that, while many of them would probably have some experience of crypto and its usage, this campaign is dedicated to offering those that aren’t familiar with this new form of money, a way to familiarize themselves with it. This came by way of the ABC article.

EU Gearing For Digital Euro

Familiarity with crypto is becoming an increasingly important aspect, especially for Spain, which is a Eurozone member. The European Central Bank (ECB)’s president, Christine Lagarde, gave a statement last week explaining that the ECB needs to be prepared to issue out a digital euro. This announcement came alongside a comprehensive report’s release, one which detailed how digital euro adoption would look like. Public consultations for the matter at hand is set to begin on the 12th of October, 2020.

Caballero explained that a digital Euro is close at hand, and is convinced that the Deputies, standing as representatives of the citizenry, needs to be aware of both the risks and benefits of cryptocurrencies as a whole.

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