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South Korean University to Introduce Blockchain-Based “Smart Campus”

Susung University, a college based in South Korea, recently signed a “cooperation agreement” with the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association, according to a local publication.

This agreement would lead to the creation of a blockchain-based campus that integrates artificial intelligence on the cloud, the publication notes.

To push this forward, both will collaborate on building a hub to build such a campus.

The university’s blockchain research branch will be called the ABC department, and it will be used to delve into all sorts of emerging technology from blockchain to big data and artificial intelligence.

Speaking on the matter is Kim Kun-woo, the director of Planning and Coordination at the university, who says:

“The world is rapidly changing to an ABC-based industry due to the corona 19 situation.”

Essentially, this division is to be put in place to help counter the strange state of the world as of the coronavirus pandemic. These establishments are to be put in place by next year, creating what some consider to be a “smart campus.”

From here, experts within all sorts of fields of emerging technology should be born.

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