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Source Protocol collaborates with EonXI to increase web3 adoption

Web3 Crypto List - Top 8 Web3 Cryptocurrencies to Invest In
Web3 Crypto List - Top 8 Web3 Cryptocurrencies to Invest In

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Source Protocol Ltd, a renowned Web3 blockchain solution provider, has unveiled its project, Source World. Reportedly, the protocol intends to develop the project through collaboration with EonXI Lab. According to Source Protocol, the project will be geared towards widening the adoption of blockchain and Web3.0 technology.

EonXi Labs will allow its team of experienced developers and artists to work with Source Protocol’s team. The team from both sides will consist of over 30 members. The collaboration will birth an enterprise-oriented Web 3.0 infrastructure and products on the SOURCE blockchain. According to the firm, the project, Source World, will bring about a “thousand-strong” developer ecosystem on its native blockchain.

Source Protocol has continued to indulge in a series of partnerships. According to reports, it has collaborated with numerous actors in the various sections of the virtual sphere, including sports gaming, broadcast arena, and NFTs marketplaces. 

Aaron Wilson, the CEO of EonXi, has reacted to the development. According to him, the team’s collaboration will unlock the full potential of web3 and metaverse. He sees the virtual world as an innovation with no restrictions or boundaries. This, according to the CEO, will give room for its unlimited exploration. Wilson reiterates the commitment of his team to the success of the project.

The new project will foster worldwide accessibility to decentralized environments. Also, Source Protocol is optimistic it will pave the way for users to relate on numerous levels,  including enterprise business, gaming and metaverse, interactive entertainment settings, finance, education, and governance.

The project will enable companies on web2.0 to easily adopt and explore decentralized products and solutions. According to the announcement, such will enable them to foster their transparency, accessibility, equity, and economic scale.

Source Protocol says it is planning to kick the ball rolling by devising a “photo-realistic and interoperable metaverse.” Notably, the project will be supported by its DeFi blockchain infrastructure. According to Source, the move will enable its subscribers to initiate meetings, play games, buy and develop virtual lands, borderless shopping, decentralized banking, and other financial activities.

The web3-based blockchain provider intends to integrate personal avatars and NFTs accessories into the project. According to the firm, this will allow its users to safely obtain, customize and initiate values via endless variations of virtual assets. Source Protocol added that its Source World project would be designed to cater to the future of work, learning, and entertainment. With this, the firm believes incorporating interactive media in the project can help enhance end-user adoption.


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