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Sony Files New Trademark Application – Plans To Launch NFT Games On Its PlayStation

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Newly published documents reveal that the Japanese multinational technology conglomerate, Sony Interactive Entertainment, has filed a new trademark application to explore non-fungible token games among other products on its PlayStation.

Sony Files NFT Patent To Launch NFT Games

In a trademark application titled NFT Framework for Transferring and Using Digital Assets Between Games Platforms published last week, Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed plans to launch blockchain products that can be used on cross-platform consoles, including VR headsets, AR headsets, PCs, and more.

According to data submitted, the entertainment tech firm renowned for its PlayStation gaming consoles anticipates leveraging blockchain technology to launch NFT-locked gameplay. The company also intends to allow gamers to obtain or transfer ownership using NFTs.

Furthermore, Sony seeks to launch a system that rewards players using NFTs. In this case, gamers who will be first to beat a particular level in a game will earn a special NFT that grants them in-game perks or unlocks exclusive in-game items.

In the new filling, the entertainment firm also processes allowing video game players to transfer in gamer assets using NFTs. The entertainment company has also shown interest in using NFTs in cross-platform esports to reward winners of different tournament brackets.

Sony Metaverse And NFT Push

It’s not the first time the entertainment firm has showcased an interest in adopting the nascent web3 technology. In October 2022, Sony filed a trademark application proposing tokenizing its in-game digital assets, including cosmetics, gameplay moments, and stats.

In the meantime, the Japanese multinational technology conglomerate believes introducing NFTs to its games and console could propel adoption in the right direction and make its games more fun and incentivizing. Sony has vowed to continue playing a huge role in building the video gaming industry.

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