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Solana’s Founder says: the forever curse of Solana is its outages

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The SOL-Based Crypto Platform Solana Goes Live With Fixed-Rate Term Lending
The SOL-Based Crypto Platform Solana Goes Live With Fixed-Rate Term Lending

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As per Solana system founder Anatoly Yakovenko, system outages remain the network’s most difficult challenge. As per Yakovenko, since its release two years ago, the Solana system has encountered a series of network issues caused by various overcrowding and spam occurrences. In a meeting with Real Vision founder Raoul Pal last Friday, Yakovenko stated that system outages were Solana’s burden but that the platform’s low-cost exchanges caused the outages.

He claims that it is their curse. He believes that since the system is not expensive and quick, there are enough consumers and software to drive that.

While the blackouts have deterred consumers from utilizing the system, the Solana Chief executive officer has stated that the network has not been compromised. He also claimed that each cryptocurrency is unique and has its malfunction case. Yakovenko, for instance, mentioned that whenever the Bitcoin platform’s block output stalled for two hours within its previous era, everything was accepted as usual.

Bitcoin is built to be incredibly durable; for example, when a large amount of Chinese hash rate went down, there have been occasions when there were two hours with both frames in Bitcoin.

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He assured her that everything was fine. Furthermore, the same power generation halt would’ve been considered ineffective for Solana. Also, because the system is created to create a frame every 400 microseconds, the system would be dead if there were a two-hour gap between frames in Solana.

Solana was designed to be a high-speed, low-cost intelligent contract platform, processing 30 million transfers each day, more than most other chain systems combined.

When you build a faster system, the malfunction case differs from that of Ethereum or Bitcoin. Yakovenko, on the other hand, contended that the blackouts aren’t inherently a lousy factor since all of these obstacles are arriving because there are users.

Many outages

Since its inception two years ago, Solana has experienced approximately seven web blackouts, with five occurring this year alone. Last September, the greater output halts persisted for 17 hours.

According to Yakovenko, the system outages were caused by validators unable to process exchange loads during peak times. He believes some individuals have witnessed 10 million parcels per second sent to a verifier. But if any verifier has a bug where knowledge proliferates, that verifier may shut down.

A denial-of-service invasion caused by a chatbot bombarding the Raydium framework in September 2021, a seven-hour power failure induced by a chatbot on an NFT app last May, and a software bug suspending block output on the system last June were some of the most significant outages.

SOL, the Solana coin, is trading at $32, up by 3.83% in the last day.

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