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Solana Price Prediction: Top Analyst Sees SOL Doubling, But Traders Turn To These Low-Cap Meme Coins Amid Market Downturn

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Solana price
Solana price

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The Solana price rose 3% in the last 24 hours to trade at $71.62 as of 4:30 a.m. EST, while its daily volume dropped by around 2.5% to $2.86 billion.

On a weekly basis, the SOL price is up by nearly 20%. 

Crypto analyst Bluntz believes that SOL’s uptrend is far from over, and that Solana’s true rally has yet to come.

After analyzing the situation, the trader said that he expects SOL to surge to $150 and says SOL still has “plenty of juice left in the tank.”

While the broader crypto industry saw its 11th straight week of inflows at $43 million last week, Solana’s $3 million ensured that it is one of the favorites in the altcoin space. 

Solana Price Prognosis

A lot of Solana’s recent volatility was influenced by Bitcoin’s market dominance, but the coin holds a lot of promise on its own. The token has entered a season of airdrops, which also is helping support its price.

The coin’s RSI score is currently neutral, meaning that SOL is not overbought nor oversold. It did come from the oversold territory, meaning that buying pressure is building up, which could push the price further up.

Right now, the Bollinger bands are not too wide, but also not too narrow, suggesting a certain stability. In other words, SOL price is currently in a neutral state, and could move either way. 

Solana Price Tested Crucial Support Level

SOL has also tested a crucial support level at $70, which managed to hold it from declining further toward $60. If SOL manages to close above $70 in the next two daily sessions, this will be a strong bullish signal, which supports the conclusions provided by the RSI and other trading signals.

SOL might still have a hard time breaching the resistance level between $75 and $77, but if it manages to break through, it could target $80 as its next milestone, and then head further up toward $100.

Promising Alternatives To Solana

Investors looking for more excitement and potentially exponential gains might want to consider two new meme coins on the scene: Wall Street Memes (WSM) and Meme Kombat (MK). 

Wall Street Memes held one of the biggest and most popular presales of this year, raising $25 million over the summer of 2023.

The project was based on a subreddit called WallStreetBets — a community of amateur investors who caught the eye of the public in early 2021.

At the time, institutional investors were shorting GameStop and other stocks, seeking to make a profit, actions that threatened to destroy these firms.

WallStreetBets investors stood up against them through the mass purchase of targeted stocks, thus saving the companies and causing institutions to lose a lot of money.

WSM emerged to commemorate their efforts, and by the end of the presale, WSM had a massive community. The project has since entered the gambling sector, but at its heart, it remains a meme coin.

Meme Kombat, on the other hand, has created an innovative gaming platform dedicated to gamers. It also offers active betting, as well as passive staking, and rewards for all participants, but it is not a casino platform but rather a betting game.

Right now, the token’s price sits at $0.235, and while it is immune to crypto volatility during the presale, it will see a scheduled price increase in about two days.

So far, the presale has raised over $2.85 million. If you wish to join them, you can purchase MK tokens in exchange for ETH or USDT here.

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