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Solana Plans to Optimize Web3 Experience on Mobile

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  • What – Saga, the Solana Labs’ cryptocurrency-friendly smartphone, is set to be released on May 8th.
  • Why – it pre-ordered devices already being shipped.
  • What Next – Per the tweet by the network, the flagship mobile devices will bring crypto-friendly experiences for the consumers built dedicatedly for mobiles. 

Solana Flagship Mobile: Saga

The Android-based device represents a bold move in the mobile industry, with a particular focus on the future of cryptocurrency. Solana Labs initially hinted at the potential for a mobile phone that doubles as a dedicated cryptocurrency wallet about 10 months ago, pondering its impact on the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Reportedly costing up to $1,000, Saga was built by OSOM, a smartphone company based in the Bay Area. The device comes with a 512 GB storage capacity, two versatile back camera lenses, and a 6.67-inch OLED display and fingerprint scanner for added security. Solana’s flagship mobile also integrates the latest Android version and operating system.

One of Saga’s standout features is the “Solana Mobile Stack” (SMS), a collection of special add-ons that seamlessly integrate the device’s hardware and software with cryptocurrency capabilities. SMS also features intrinsic security measures to facilitate sending, receiving, trading, and storing of cryptocurrency on the device.

Saga: The Ultimate Game-Changer For Web3 Enthusiasts

The Saga smartphone has been carefully crafted to provide a superior mobile experience for web3 enthusiasts. At the launch event, the Solana app store offered 16 decentralized applications available for download upon purchase. The Saga is currently available for purchase at a price of $1,000 in the U.S., U.K, EU, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia starting May 8th.

Solana emphasizes how the Saga’s unique features, including the dApp store and Seed Vault, enhance the web3 user experience on mobile devices. With robust security measures and an array of decentralized applications, the Saga aims to revolutionize the web3 landscape for mobile users worldwide.

Saga Takes The Lead In Mobile Security With Its Hack-Resistant Features

The Saga device’s safety feature lies in its immunity to hacking, allowing users to store confidential information within the phone securely. To achieve this level of security, the device comes equipped with a personalized “seed vault” where users can store their private keys.

Furthermore, Saga’s customized dApp store exclusively features applications related to cryptocurrency trading, digital collectables, wallet communications, and music, with over 12 such apps available for download. The store is expected to expand further with many new applications in the pipeline.

Solana has also pledged not to levy “extractive fees” on dApp store applications. It differentiates itself from industry behemoths like Apple and Google, which charge a 30% commission on their platforms. Notably, Saga’s dApp store differs significantly from Google Play on Android devices.

With this groundbreaking achievement, Solana has surpassed previous attempts by major phone manufacturers like HTC and smaller companies like Sirin Labs, who had tried to create a crypto-friendly smartphone but ultimately failed.

Solana’s Saga has been specifically designed and marketed for the cryptocurrency ecosystem, which gained significant attention following Anatoly Yakovenko’s launch of the Saga in June 2022 at an event in New York, where Sam Bankman-Fried was a keynote speaker.

Since then, the SOL community, including its developers and traders, has been on high alert after several of the ecosystem’s core technologies experienced repeated failures.

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