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Solana DAOs to receive notifications through calls and texts

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Solana SOL Price Up 13.4% to $30.48 – Where to Buy SOL
Solana SOL Price Up 13.4% to $30.48 – Where to Buy SOL

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Solana decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are pushing harder to foster governance voting. The Notifi Network is planning to boost the rate of participation in governance voting.

Solana DAOs focus on governance voting

The Notifi Network is launching with Solana DAOs to use leading centralized platforms used by the Web3 community, such as Discord and Telegram, to send notifications through phone calls, text messages and emails.

Notifi has integrated its notification service to the DAOs running on the Solana DAO platform. The founder of Notifi, Paul Kim, said that the mission of this project would be simply adding, “We want to promote communities to be more active. You bought the tokens, so you should use them.”

Telegram and Discord groups are popular ways through which DAO participants can be in touch with the project. Nevertheless, the Notifi founder said that these groups are not always efficient in sending notifications because some users mute messages.

Kim plans to change this by allowing DAO participants on Solana Realms to select the different ways they will receive a notification whenever a governance proposal has been tabled. The notifications will be initially sent through Telegram and Discord, and if a user fails to respond, the notifications will be given by email, text messages or phone calls.

“For some reason, we just skipped around email from Web2 when we leaped into Web3. Can we challenge the paradigms of Web3 by using Web2 primitives?” Kim added.

Low participation among Solana DAOs

So9lana DAOs have recorded low participation. DeepDAO shows that less than 1% of the governance token holders on the three top DAOs on the Solana networks are active participants. Solana Realms currently has 500 DAOs, with the treasury value being $1.5 billion.

The Solana Labs DAO Software Engineer, Sebastien Bor, has agreed that DAOs are not active. He added that the current notification methods did not serve their full purpose in informing members about governance proposals and voting.

Kim has also said that the new service could go beyond governance voting. He said the service “could be used for all on-chain activity including trades and airdrops, sells, and liquidation alerts.” However, Realms remained a “proving ground” before discovering whether the solution could enable users to move away from centralized platforms.

“We’re eager to see what the data shows us and what trends actually exist about messaging platform utilization,” Kim added.

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