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SkyWeaver Developer Raises Another $5 Million in New Funding Round

Horizon Blockchain Games, a game development company building on the Ethereum blockchain, has just brought in $5 million to fund its SkyWeaver collectible card game, reports TechCrunch.

This amount is on top of its $3.75 million from the year before. However, this year’s round was lead by Golden Ventures, Polychain, CMT Digital, ConsenSys, and others.

SkyWeaver has been in a private beta for almost a year, now. There are 12,000 players as of now, with 92,000 on a waitlist, the publication notes.

The game should move into a public beta at some point later in 2020.

Blockchain-based games are a dime-a-dozen nowadays. Since the inception of CryptoKitties, which introduced non-fungible tokens (NFTs), more and more companies have gotten into the game.

Collectible games are among the most popular, considering the fact that blockchain networks are not instantaneous, these turn-based titles are an easy solution to the scalability problem.

On top of this, most developers pitch the idea that players collectibles can go up or down in value, considering each and every one is entirely unique.

There are also a variety of gambling games and casino focused titles, some of which InsideBitcoins has done reviews of.

The Sacramento Kings have even gotten in on the scene, and it’s likely that more will get involved as well as time goes on.

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