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ShareRing (SHR) Will Merge With Fireblocks Network Bringing With “Enterprise-Grade Security”

Etihad Airlines and Winding Tree Are Looking to Revolutionize the Traveling Industry
Etihad Airlines and Winding Tree Are Looking to Revolutionize the Traveling Industry

ShareRing (SHR), a blockchain project with a focus on the travel economy, is integrating into the Fireblocks Network, according to a press release.

According to the Fireblocks website, this platform is “A completely new way to securely store & transfer digital assets.” It supports institutional users already, and is looking to expand to more.

“Creating a transfer and settlement network with institutional-grade security allows for funds, HNWI and other institutional entities to gain exposure into SHR and participate in the larger digital asset economy. This Fireblocks integration ensures anyone who is not yet an on-chain SHR participant, can be brought into SHR’s decentralized ecosystem in a secure manner,” the release notes.

As for ShareRing, the platform aims to “streamline on-demand economies” utilizing their ShareRing shop application. This includes hotels, flights, insurance, and much, much more regarding travel. This application will go live around the world in 2021, though it will hit Australia and some spaces in South East Asia this August, the release notes.

Speaking on the matter is Tim Bos, the co-founder and chairman of ShareRing, who had said:

“The ShareRing platform is built on distributed ledger technology, which means every transaction is secure and users’ identities are checked and authorized before a rental agreement takes place. This also allows for a quicker and more secure booking process. ShareRing offers lower fees to both the merchant and user; with seamless cross border payments.”

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