Seed CX Lowers Trading Fees As Platform Seeks To Attract More Institutional Investors

Seed CX Lowers Trading Fees As Platform Seeks To Attract More Institutional Investors
Seed CX Lowers Trading Fees As Platform Seeks To Attract More Institutional Investors

Cryptocurrencies promise to make financial systems more efficient and more beneficial for users.

There are many exchanges offering cryptocurrencies to investors as digital assets approach mainstream adoption.

Crypto exchanges have a vital role to play in the adoption of the asset class and ensuring that they provide the best service to their clients is critical.

In comparison to traditional asset classes, crypto assets are new and young, and hence, the systems around them are still being worked on.

More traders are making use of crypto exchanges, and the platforms themselves are on a learning curve as far as catering for client needs goes.

As they learn more about client needs, exchanges are continually making changes to the services they offer. These changes allow the exchanges to get ahead of the competition and attract more traders to their platform.

Seed CX lowers trading fees

Seed CX, an institution-centric cryptocurrency exchange, has announced that it is lowering its trading fees.

The exchange claims that these new trading fees are some of the lowest in the industry, and places this platform in a competitive position.

Over the last week, it is purported that Seed CX recorded trading volumes higher than those of several top exchanges. It is following these high trade volumes that the exchange has cut its trading fees.

According to Edward Woodford, CEO and co-founder of Seed CX, their aggressive fees structure and low slippage books will allow them to continue to lead institutional trading of cryptocurrency.

The platform wants to offer its clients the best operational support, execution, and technology as they engage with crypto assets. Many traders who get into crypto trading are attracted by the low fees associated with the asset class.

If the exchanges offering the digital assets further lower trading fees, it could lead to an influx of traders joining in the trade of cryptocurrency.

Institutional traders important for crypto adoption

Cryptocurrencies are on the verge of mass adoption, and many countries are developing crypto friendly policies to support this asset class.

Institutional investors are important for any industry and their entry into crypto trading will be critical for the spread of crypto use.

Seed CX was built specifically for institutional traders, and having these low trading fees on the platform will benefit the traders and the industry as a whole.

Woodford said that Seed CX is poised to bring large institutional traders to the world of crypto.

These traders have been on the sidelines for a long time, and a platform built specifically to support this group of investors will play a key role.

Subsidiary adds support for crypto derivatives

Zero Hash, a subsidiary of Seed CX, added support for cryptocurrency derivatives to its platform.

The support comes with a variety of functions including the calculation of initial margin, variation margin, and final settlement values, among other functions. Zero Hash is a calculation and settlement agent that is associated with Seed CX.

Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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