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Security Breach Puts Spotlight on Pro-XRP Attorney: Phone Hacked to Push LAW Token

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On June 4, John Deaton, a lawyer known for supporting XRP, fell victim to a phone hack. After several days of continuous cyberattacks, Deaton was victimized by this unfortunate event.

Using his daughter’s Twitter, Deaton informed his followers about the hack. He asked his followers to report the hack to address the unauthorized access to his phone.

XRP Community Stands Strong as Deaton Faces Cyberattack

Deaton’s XRP community rallied around him, spreading awareness and supporting the incident. In light of the cyberattack, prominent figures in the crypto industry should be more aware of the risks and challenges they face.

An account created by the lawyer representing over 76,000 XRP token holders in the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit responded to the hacker’s tweet.

CryptoLaw said the tweets weren’t written by John Deaton himself but by hackers. The situation is handled promptly, and steps are taken to regain control of the attorney’s account.

While John Deaton received birthday wishes from the crypto community, his Twitter account was hacked. His account was used to promote a cryptocurrency token, LAW, with a tiny market cap. The crypto community has benefited from Deaton’s experience challenging regulatory enforcement by U.S. agencies.

United Against Fraud: XRP Community Takes a Stand Following Hacking Incident

False information and misleading financial data are big problems in the crypto market. Traders often rely on industry influencers for advice, so they’re at risk. Regulators are more cautious when dealing with the industry because it disrupts the market.

John Deaton posted a recent update about a concerning situation on Twitter. He used his daughter’s Twitter account to contact the community since his own had been compromised. The community helped Deaton report his Twitter account’s unauthorized access and hacking.

As soon as Deaton asked for help, the XRP community stepped in. A lot of members tweeted about the hacked account to spread awareness. One user, @osakaranarson, detailed how others could report the compromised account step-by-step.

Numerous users took action and reported the account as hacked due to the community’s collective efforts. Some people confirmed their successful reporting, showing a strong unity and solidarity among XRP users.

This response shows the community’s dedication to protecting its members from fraud and maintaining a safe environment. Additionally, it shows how proactive the XRP community is, with users taking the initiative to educate and support one another.

At the time of writing, they have not responded to this platform’s request for comment.

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