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Rollbit Rival TG.Casino Goes Live On Web, Telegram Casino Betting Roars Past $250m

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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TG.Casino has released its much-anticipated web version of its acclaimed casino as all-time wagering soars past $250 million in the Telegram casino.

The new web casino will revolutionize TG.Casino’s offering as it goes head to head with competitor Rollbit, enabling it to reach a wider audience. An explosive acceleration in new user growth is expected. 

Spreading its wings to the web also provides TG.Casino with another building block in its tech stack, enabling it to facilitate the release of a suite of pioneering new features to enhance the user experience in ways never seen before.

Newcomers can sign-up with TG.Casino on the web today to take advantage of the 200% rakeback welcome bonus and 50 free spins with no wager requirements.

By all accounts, web onboarding is progressing at a blistering pace, buoyed by the reputation for probity, instant payouts and tip-top customer service. TG.Casino ranks among the top licensed gambling products on the popular bot platform Telegram.

A $TGC Airdrop Of 5m Tokens Worth $3.5m Is Underway – Here’s How To Join

Helping to grease the wheels of TG.Casino adoption is Season 2 of the $TGC airdrop campaign. All told, 21 million tokens are being given away. Of that total, 11 million has been airdropped so far, with five million up for grabs in Season 2 worth $3,500,000.

To be eligible to receive a cut of the five million tokens users must wager in the casino with any currency from February 22nd to May 22nd 2024.

Eligible users are ranked based on their total wagering volume multiplied by the number of days they have wagered a minimum of $10 in the casino. 

By way of an example, if a user plays for 32 days in the qualifying period and rings up a total wagering volume of $100,000, they would get a score of 3,200,000.

Tokens from the Season 2 airdrop are vested, with 10% released each month for 10 months. 

Airdrops are a popular way of rewarding communities for their loyalty to a project.

This latest round of the TG.Casino airdrop campaign underscores the team’s commitment to rewarding the community’s loyalty and engagement. It also provides a powerful incentive for new players to join to access rewards that are not available anywhere else.

Burn Baby Burn – Community Cheers Burning Of 10% Of $TGC Supply Worth $6.6 Million

Meanwhile, the burn program continues apace. As of the time of writing, more than 10% of the total supply of TG.Casino tokens worth $6.6 million have now been burnt since launch. 

As part of the GambleFi project’s ecosystem, the buyback scheme is designed in such a way that tokens are continuously burnt, thereby lowering the circulating supply, increasing token scarcity and bolstering the value of the $TGC digital asset.

The on-schedule launch of the web version of TG.Casino has been warmly welcomed by users and traders alike.

Bulls Set To Kill A Zero And Buck $TGC To New ATH Of $1

$TGC is trading at strong support established over the past month at around $0.646, suggesting the next move for the coin will be a step higher. On February 11 $TGC reached an all-time high (ATH) price of $0.879. 

Bulls are readying for a retest of the high, and the latest slew of product launches and promo announcements could be the spur to print a new ATH. All eyes are on killing a zero to take $TGC above $1.

A jump to the psychologically important $1 level would entail a $0.3718 jump in price representing a 59% ROI, taking the current price as an entry point (see chart below).

Courtesy TradingView via TGC/USDT trading pair data on DEXTools

Latest Altcoin Season Suggests New Coins Like $TGC Will Leave Likes Of Rollbit In The Shade, Top Traders Say 

As the new altcoin season gets underway it will likely be the newer coins that don’t have the historical baggage of older coins and the coterie of holders that entails who may be sitting on losses and looking to offload. 

With that in mind, it is a small wonder that influential traders continue to sing the praises of $TGC as the next Rollbit.

Eric Cryptoman thinks TG.Casino will blow up big and has been an early supporter of the casino. Eric has 182,500 followers on X/Twitter.

Another KOL, this time Overdose AI, is impressed that TG.Casino keeps delivering as he laps up the token burns. Overdose (106k followers on X/Twitter) also likes the commitment shown in the meaty liquidity provision behind the project, which is currently valued at $2.2 million. Total market cap is $58 million.

Then there’s Dōgen pitching in too. He is keeping his 108,000 X followers up to speed with $TGC, recommending a buy on February 3, 2024:

…and reposting the big news that TG.Casino “has transcended to a new level” following the launch of the web version of its casino and sportsbook.

There are a lot of exciting moving parts at TG.Casino so it will pay to keep in touch with the community at TG Casino Telegram where there are 15,620 members. There are also 21,900 followers on X as word of TG.Casino spreads like wild fire. 

Missed out on Rollbit? Don’t worry because TG.Casino has got you covered – it could be the best buy of the new altcoin season.

Follow the link to buy $TGC on Uniswap decentralized exchange.

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