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Rolecoin – a Groundbreaking Blockchain-Based Platform for Skill & Career Development, Announces ICO

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RoleCoin, a revolutionary digital currency in the edtech space aimed to promote STEAM skills and career development globally announced its crowdsale starting April 15, 2018. RoleCoin will fuel the proof of progress economy in education through the STEAMRole app which connects students and young professionals worldwide with working Professional Role Models. The RoleCoin ICO public crowdsale will be conducted in 6 phases with aims to reach the CAP of 350,000,000 tokens in total. The company has already started the whitelisting process for the first phase of its ICO at

What’s Unique About RoleCoin?

We have seen a number of ICOs before, but RoleCoin is unique because the company has some early launch partners like HP and unlike typical “whitepaper ICO’s” has a working app in private BETA that is set to launch not long after the ICO is completed. Interested participants can also check out the demo dashboard that organizations will have access to on

The Challenge

Though billions of dollars are invested and donated on an annual basis to the platforms that offer academic facilities, training, and career development to shape a talented pool of professionals for different industries, there is still a huge shortage of talent to fill STEAM/STEM-based jobs. Consider the case of the U.S. where more than 3 million of such jobs remain unfilled. There is a shortage of required skills in the workforce, according to RandStad (2016). Despite the fact that STEAM/STEM-based initiatives get more than $100 billion global spent annually, the shortage of STEAM professionals is a sign of a huge problem many companies face.

The Proposed Solution

STEAMRole, fueled by RoleCoin, addresses this challenge in a unique and a revolutionary way. STEAMRole is a solutions-driven platform that connects aspiring young professionals (Steamers) with inspiring role models (STEAMRole Models) who provide roadmaps of the skills and behaviors necessary to achieve their goals. Together, these pools of high achievers and those who seek to emulate them, serve as a vital and constantly evolving pipeline to leading companies that have a high demand for access to fresh talent.

Serving a Multifaceted Ecosystem

This platform will enable the transparent connection of all participating components in the ecosystem. STEAMRole’s platform will also include solutions for the traditional problems faced by Impact investors, philanthropic foundations and non-profit organizations that provide funding to increase the STEM and STEAM talent pool.

STEAMRole’s unique blockchain-based dashboard ensures that Companies and Organizations are part of an entirely transparent system, where each investment can be tracked with full confidence, eliminating any second guessing or the moral hazard that comes with organizations self-reporting their successes. This new trust-less system will reduce subjectivity and optimize efficiencies in connecting the flow of contributions to their best use.

This way a unique, trustless, transparent, high-speed, inexpensive and rewarding ecosystem will come into an existence for the benefit of STEAMERs, Role Models, and organizations involved in the process.

About RoleCoin

RoleCoin is a digital currency that brings transparency to the $100+ billion in STEM/STEAM education spending by providing proof-of-progress as it happens on STEAMRole, a skill and career-development mobile app that showcases inspirational videos and skill roadmaps from successful professionals with careers in science, tech, engineering, art/design and mathematics. Now anyone can learn, earn and return. Because you can not be, what you can not see.

To know more about the platform and get whitelisted for its upcoming crowdsale, please visit
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