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Ripple Price Prediction: XRP Falls 20% – Is Big Money Moving In?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Ripple (XRP) investors continue to face losses as the cryptocurrency experienced another significant decline of 20%. 

Following its rapid surge on July 13th, which propelled it to a peak of $0.94, the coin has been caught in a series of downturns.

As of 6:39 a.m. EST, XRP is trading at $0.51, reflecting a 13.9% drop in the past 24 hours. This suggests a partial recovery from the initial 20% drop. 

Although XRP’s weekly and monthly performances remain negative, its trading volume remains robust at $2.7 billion, marking a 98.8% surge in the last 24 hours.

XRP/USD. Source:
XRPUSD Daily Chart Analysis. Source:

Following a significant surge sparked by the favorable outcome of the Ripple case on July 13, XRP’s trajectory has taken a downward turn, evident in the bearish trend that followed the resistance level at $0.94.

This bearish tone reinforces XRP’s price indicators, which reflect heightened selling pressure.

As of the time of writing, the price is trading below the 50-day and 200-day moving averages. 

Should these Simple Moving Averages (SMAs) persist in exerting their influence, it is conceivable that a more profound decline might materialize, potentially emboldening the bears and leading to a substantial drop toward the key support level at $0.31.

Adding to the prevailing bearish sentiment is the downward trajectory of the relative strength index (RSI), which presently stands at 23. 

This value places it below the conventional oversold threshold of 30, underscoring the likelihood of further selling pressure being exerted by bearish participants.

The analysis above shows that individuals who invested in XRP have experienced significant losses during this bearish phase. However, bullish investors must display further resilience as the price is projected to decline even more, eventually stabilizing at the key support level of $0.31. 

At this juncture, the bullish camp will potentially find the chance to consolidate their efforts and potentially recoup their losses, making this an excellent buy point. This could involve driving the price toward the pivotal resistance point of $0.62.

While Ripple investors anticipate a favorable resolution in their ongoing case and a more advantageous entry point after this decline, it might be prudent to contemplate exploring the Chimpzee token. 

CHMPZ token showcases a promising investment opportunity, especially given its current availability at a reduced price during its ongoing presale funding phase.

Chimpanzee (CHMPZ)

Chimpzee (CHMPZ) , an innovative concept, holds significant promise in the business landscape while concurrently championing animal welfare and environmental conservation.

At the heart of this venture lies the Chimpzee token, currently available for $0.00085 per token. 

However, this price will increase to $0.00095 in less than 15 hours, making this the perfect entry point for new investors. 

Once the presale concludes, CHMPZ will be listed on popular exchanges for $0.00185 per token, a substantial price increase for those who will buy the tokens now.  

Presently advancing through its 9th stage, the project has already raised $1.22 million in its ongoing presale and is edging closer to its target of $1,856,375.

Impressively, over 1.9 million CHMPZ tokens have been successfully sold. The project’s carefully designed tokenomics promotes social good, rewards local communities, and encourages the development of new offerings.

Central to the Chimpzee framework are its diverse NFT passports, each offering a unique set of benefits. These passports enhance earnings and amplify rewards, granting access to exclusive features exclusively tailored for the Chimpzee community. 

The meticulously designed Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze passports have been intricately fashioned to elevate user engagement and enthusiasm to unprecedented heights, forging a robust connection within the #Chimpzee universe.

Token Burns and Environmental Mission

Chimpzee has implemented a strategic approach to enhance the value of $CHMPZ tokens by conducting token burns of 1 billion tokens at every milestone reached, with 200,000 milestones in the plan. 

This deliberate token-burning mechanism contributes to the upward trajectory of $CHMPZ token prices. Moreover, the platform allows customers to augment their earnings and extends a bonus promotion to acquire additional FREE $CHMPZ tokens.

A new mission has emerged for Chimpzee to preserve 1000 square meters of precious Australian Rain Forest. Chimpzee is mobilizing funds with a dual purpose to pursue this noble objective. 

Upon reaching this conservation milestone, an additional 1 billion tokens will be burned, aligning the project’s financial goals with its commitment to environmental stewardship. 

To get your hands on CHMPZ tokens, go to the Chimpzee website to connect your wallet, trade your USDT or ETH for CHMPZ tokens, or use your bank card to make direct transactions quickly.

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