Rewards System Developed Through Refereum and PUBG Partnership

Rewards System Developed Through Refereum and PUBG Partnership
Rewards System Developed Through Refereum and PUBG Partnership

Blockchain technology applications in various industries are being developed as the technology seeks to go mainstream. The technology is even being made use of in the gaming industry as more people are getting comfortable with the idea of the technology.

In this regard, Refereum has announced a partnership with PUBG Corporation which will see users of the platform receive up to $5,000 worth of rewards at The rewards will be given out for streaming and playing a game called PLAYERUNKNOWNK’SBATTLEGROUNDS which is run on the platform’s blockchain platform. The blockchain allows players to receive in-game rewards for achievements and streaming on the platforms with which they have partners. The platforms include Twitch and Mixer.

The rewards being offered on Refereum will likely benefit online crypto trading as more users will gain more access to crypto as they earn more points on the platform. In time, the users may move on to buy Bitcoin as they become more acquainted with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Refereum rewards system

The rewards that users of PUBG’s platforms received prior to this new initiative will still be maintained. The players who stream the most and watch PUBG are still entitled to rewards as has been the case from the beginning. The partnership with Refereum will shift towards also rewarding players for the things that they do in-game.

Whatever actions a player takes in the game will be rewarded. From being the most watched player on Refereum’s stream to making the most kills, a player will earn points. If one earns enough points to take them to the top of the list, they will receive top rewards including special keys for in-game content. Some players will be lucky to receive a “Loot Drop” of PUBG merchandise which will contain a backpack, water bottle, hat and other merchandise.

Refereum is a blockchain based game rewards platform that offers users rewards for doing what they love, gaming and engaging with your favorite games and gamers. For a user that joins the Refereum hub, there are chances to win prizes through the completion of quests and other gaming challenges. The rewards available can be earned through streaming a particular game or through referring friends to the platform. The rewards are redeemed from the points that one earns on the platform.

The Bottom Line

Various applications for blockchain technology have been developed over time and the technology continues to grow. The game industry is one of the biggest industries in the world and making use of blockchain in this industry will go a long way in pushing the mainstream adoption of the technology. Partnerships such as the one between Refereum and PUBG are essential in furthering the cause of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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